1. To be fair, I doubt she was very involved in the game and she's made so much from the books and movies that I don't think she cares if the game is successful or not

  2. I was 8 when the episode first aired so I didn't know it was a fake out at the time (I probably would now) and found it to be quite a difficult watch

  3. First off, X-23 and Robin are very different, second any Robin could work under the right director

  4. Yeah, because Shockwave would willingly work with those two and Cinder and Starscream would never argue

  5. Not really even a benefit for me. Standing to pee triggers the hell out of my dysphoria and so I've sat my entire life.

  6. Can somebody please just do the right thing and assassinate bad presidents for once?

  7. An out-of-date term that some people consider a slur.

  8. Frontier Defence is fun, but it's the only game mode I can play as regular Multilayer just kept kicking me out

  9. What the fuck? Why? What does the world gain through this? What's the fucking point other than giving people a reason to hate existing?

  10. The characters I see myself in? Bits of Luz Noceda and Hunter from The Owl House and Ruby Rose from the early seasons of RWBY.

  11. Obi-Wan loves to just walk into a bar, start a fight and cuts someone's arm off

  12. The Lego designers will have to assess it then due to Godzilla being licensed they will have to get permission to release it, pass both of those and it'll go through

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