El Salvador 0 - [1] Canada - Atiba Hutchinson 66'

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  1. theres not really 'not very good at ba' - ba, except maybe for defender is a braindead game. call on time, do the job for the role.

  2. The last time I tried it I got told I had to watch a particular YouTube guide, and when I didn’t do the optimal thing a couple of people got super angry at me.

  3. in what context? attacker doesnt rly have an optimal thing, just run west at start, use an msb. collecter is braindead. healer is just use thing on the penance healers.

  4. I think it was collector lmao. I did watch their video a couple of times but it wasn’t the easiest to follow. I think one of the reasons they got mad was I didn’t stay on a particular side of the map and apparently that was bad.

  5. Somehow I don't think that "buy up all of this expensive prime advertising space and do nothing with it for good will" is the savvy business move that people on social media think it is. Companies know they're annoying the shit out of us with constant advertising. They don't care, because it is a net financial positive for them.

  6. This happened in football once. A stadium naming rights got bought and it was something really awful and stupid like sports direct arena.

  7. I get they need revenue streams, and the don't want to be like a formula 1 car statement is overblown. But all of these are so ugly.

  8. I wanted to do into the mist. I didn’t auto slayer tho, I only did hunting greater dragons and tried to avoid doing long tasks of them.

  9. Ah dang, I did a survey thing about preferences. I was hype about fast exp new worlds. I love leagues and it's the only thing I played in the past 12 months after two weeks of group iron man mode got boring. Shame the fast exp part isn't happening.

  10. I really want to play but the only account I have with members is a group ironman I haven't touched in like 4 months and it only has 600 total level so I don't meet the requirements. As there's 7 months left of a years membership I don't really wanna buy membership on one of my old accounts with a higher total level.

  11. My parents stopped paying because I was playing too much. So then my cousin paid with my Auntie's card because she didn't care how many accounts he had. After that for a while I had to save up money, go down to the co-op and buy some form of special card thing (in the UK) so I could play lmao

  12. I spent ages making them but didn’t realise that you can only use them for spells that require both runes. So had to spend some time making more single runes lol

  13. Depends if you wanna be efficient. I just did woodcutting first and then firemaking before gradually moving across non combats. Not the optimal way but I just had fun and did my own thing without relying on the wiki too much until I had to do dungeons

  14. Woox didn’t deserve that money he was given for that deadman tournament back in the day

  15. Hey, did you get pit tickets at standard price? How much did they cost? I wanna compare price to their platinum tickets that they have left

  16. Runelite itself will not trigger a macro ban, it’s most likely a plugin that doesn’t come default with runelite or you used some sort of auto clicker/script and macro bans can come weeks or even months after you have done something so it can make it hard to pinpoint what exactly triggered it.

  17. I always assumed people crying False ban were just lying. But it happened to me and I got a 2 day macro ban last week. My account was brand new made for group iron man. I played that for a month and got bored. Then I came back to play leagues. I played on runelite and did a lot of afk training whilst working from home. Fishing, woodcutting and mining with personal banker/greedy gatherer. All 100% legit played, no macros or scripts. The only plug-ins I used were any on for WT automatically and one for finding books in the library as I saw that was also automatically on when walking by it, so used it for the easy tasks there.

  18. It happened to me as well. I haven't wanted to play at all since the 2 days were up, and I have no idea what triggered it. Sigh.

  19. Same. I'm just using the regular client until the end of leagues as I'm having fun playing. Then I'm not sure if I should keep playing after that on the main game as I don't want to put hours if I could lose it all to another false ban.

  20. I got a reply on Twitter after asking jagex support if runelite was an approved 3rd party client and Mod Tomasz said there are no approved 3rd party clients and every time you use it it is at your own risk. My takeaway is from this is that runelite despite its seeming near universal use is not 100% safe to use and is probably capable of triggering the bot detection under the right circumstances. I'll post the screenshot on this sub, but for the time being I'm going back to the normal client.

  21. Dang, like I always knew it was a use at your own risk type deal. But when it seems the vast majority used it I thought it was a case of, if you play legitimately you had nothing to fear. The official client is so basic and bad, which is surprising considering how long it's been out. You think they could add a highscore lookup tool, exp rate tracked and things like that.

  22. I like Dangle the super-informed and passionate fan. I don't like Dangle the wannabe insider who just reads Athletic articles and then tries to draw conclusions off of them while his two cronies just nod in complete agreement.

  23. I think this is a little harsh but I agree with aspects of it. I don’t care for argument for the sake of argument, but they rarely seem to challenge each other’s views on hockey and very much are just an echo chamber.

  24. [Great Goal!] is missing from the title.

  25. I was too worried and didn’t try to fly with a NHS positive test. I outlined my situation to work and they let me take two weeks sick pay. So I got a private test and flew out 14 days after that on the 31st October. Out of interest I asked the West Jet employee who was checking covid tests at check in about what would happen if I only had a 14 day old positive NHS test and he thinks that he would have let me on if that’s all I had. But it wasn’t concrete and I think it comes down to what the individual you’re dealing with thinks that day. If you have the option I would say just get a private test done, I used a home PCR test from randox health, and delay your flight for 15 days after you’ve got the results to be extra safe. Then you shouldn’t have an issue unless guidelines have changed (double check the website) If you’re travelling for something like a wedding or sporting event where it can’t be moved, you could give the positive NHS test a shot, and just hope you get a decent person at check in. Happy to answer any other questions or clarify anything I said if it didn’t make sense.

  26. holy shit his appeal was actually handled before the 6 games were up. so he'll be available for vancouver tomorrow, surprised af.

  27. Lol Sir Bobby would have hated this

  28. Newcastle fans seem to forget they sacked Sir Bobby Robson.

  29. I understand the sign Rielly or trade him point of view. I feel like that's something you do for players like JVR, Bozak, Hyman etc. I feel Rielly is a higher calibre of player then that, and you don't trade that. You get him resigned.

  30. This video was pointless. I love dangle but he’s being insufferable. I want more leafs content, but with how he’s acting I’m taking time off from his content on the whole. It’s a shame cause I love hearing Jesse’s opinion.

  31. Sure. You were completely soulless, insipid and average against Scotland for most of the game. And you didn't beat us when we're supposedly a dreadful team so the point still stands.

  32. That was Scotland’s cup final and they played like it. Celebrating a 0-0 draw like they’d won the entire thing, embarrassing. First qualification for a tournament in a decades, went out at the group stage like the 9 times before that. Vs a semi final at the World Cup (albeit with a really easy path) and consistently qualifying for tournaments.

  33. there must be some overlap since both are incredibly stupid

  34. Habs best player playing like their best player.

  35. a hard cap is the biggest joke in all of sports. Go watch the premier league soccer in england where there is 0 cap and the big teams can buy any players they want and still tie and lose to lesser teams regularly. The goal for parity has costed the nhl when all ur best players are out round 1 of the plays offs.

  36. I’m sorry but don’t use the premier league as a good comparison. Man City have won 8 of the 12 last domestic trophies. It’s not competitive. The majority of football fans would love some form of financial fair play, but when they try it City just bullshit their way out of it. Look at how they got out of being banned from the champions league for a year. The current hard cap in the nhl is seriously flawed, but I’d take that over knowing the same 4 teams are going to win over and over again

  37. Why does it say “if necessary” on the NHL app in the scores section

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