1. maybe stop playing like it means life or death? honestly, this is just a game, and this is meant to be fun. getting burned out when trying to build a career makes sense. burning out when the entire intention is to have fun is just dumb

  2. Ee movie friends tho vellali bro family tho kaadu inka if you had followed any JathiRatnalu hype b4 release the team stated it's just a comedy film with not a proper storyline. End of the day ee movie kuda anthe "one man's food can b other mans poison".

  3. Friends tho velina family tho velina, trash movie is a trash movie.

  4. votekick is abusable. just because someone is bad or new in game does not mean they're aren't trying to win. no one plays to lose.

  5. Learn to program its much better than being a code monkey.

  6. that's exactly what I am asking for. Teach me how to write code

  7. mute them or live with it. Having a non toxic environment is not possible.

  8. Then I refer back to my original comment, how about you dont. One thing is learning something for yourself, and another very different is to ruin otjer people's experience in those games.

  9. But it will not ruin other's experience. Because if they want then can use it too. Since they will not get banned.

  10. It will ruin other's experience since most people dont want to cheat but play the game competitivly as intended. "But you also could" is not an excuse for cheating.

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