1. I wouldn’t limit them, you can teach them the difference with the fabrics. As a self taught beginner, I was able to create a bag using velvet fabric and didn’t have too much issue. I learned a lot from my tiny mistakes though.

  2. It may be scum. It looks like you dried the screen upright, and a dribble of water has run across the word “stay”, leaving a fine deposit of emulsion in the letters.

  3. You might be able to remove it rubbing with a moist finger end on the shirt side, or painting some emulsion remover on it and soaking it up quickly with a tissue after, but it can be quite hard to shift.

  4. Someone is trying to blackmail me on a escort, should I be worried? I never even met the person

  5. Seriously, you’d do better using the Anthem calculator to get your exposure time. The 21 strip tells you how long it takes to fully harden the emulsion but not the optimum time for making a useable stencil.

  6. try mixing the ink more so it “warms up” and it can pass through easier

  7. Yeah I think I used too much puff additive and it caused the ink to get clumpy

  8. Oh lol thanks, Eventually they’ll be on my website & instagram. @2nd2nunapparel

  9. Using a 21 strip - then it’s no wonder you can’t get a decent stencil.

  10. Nah wym? This is my first time using the 21 strip. Before I was going based on guessing

  11. The 21 strip tells you when the emulsion is fully hardened, but if you’re using positives that aren’t fully opaque (which most of us are), by the time the emulsion gets to that point, the positive is likely to have burned through.

  12. Outside of stencil washing away: move your light further away from the screen, or have aluminium foil reflectors at the edges, or both. You’ll need to increase exposure time - 1.5 times further away > new time = old time x 1.5 x 1.5.

  13. Ima give it a shot with the power wash, I’ve been using a shower head.


  15. I’ve lowered my exposing time to 3 mins, 4 mins & 5 mins. My emulsion is still washing out on the outside of my designs. Should I do a double coat of emulsion? I’m still unsure why it’s doing that, never had an issue before.

  16. no worries man, yeah I think that's what I'll have to do unfortunately unless I can figure something out or someone else has any idea, thanks for trying to help!

  17. You ever fixed this? Same thing happened to me. I ended letting the battery sit in my room & bought a new one. But recently I checked the battery and buttons started working again, but now its back to being stuck. Not sure whats causing it

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