1. I wandered back onto this sub looking for a post like this! I keep seeing so many things on social media about stopping levo and fixing it with diet instead. And I've had people in real life ask me about that as well. I just find it so frustrating how people demonize taking a pill. I was at a TSH of 112 in August of 2021 and now I am somewhere between a 1 and 2. Feel great and all I do is take 88mcg of levo. It took about 6 months to get in the normal range and another 6 to really feel 100% better.

  2. Almost every UX/product design org has their own unique flavor of dysfunction. It's important to ask yourself what matters to you most and figuring out what flavor of dysfunction you're willing to handle. What matters to you when it comes to your job often changes throughout your career and it's always interesting in hindsight to see those changes!

  3. Thank you! This is helpful insight. I'm going to start thinking about how to switch things up when the time is right.

  4. The stuff I specifically noticed was from last season. So maybe they cleaned out the super old stuff

  5. Maybe you can see if he can just tell you when he has had enough (nicely). I tend to hyper fixate on purchases regarding my home, because I love interior design. Last time I started to get going on a new coffee table and my boyfriend was just like "Hey I don't care if you want to get a new coffee table, I just don't really want to hear about it everyday for the next month." Which sounded a little harsh but it was a bit of a helpful wake up for me

  6. Have you tried forest hills? I am usually able to get a same day or next day appointment

  7. I think athleta has better quality and fit. Lululemon does have some really cute styles and colors that Athleta hasn't quite gotten. But I also think athleta targets older woman than lulu does and that's why the some of lulus colors and styles are more fun

  8. I can totally relate to that hyper-fixation. Whenever I get a crazy good deal on something, all I can think about is buying multiples of that thing or finding more good deals and then I can't even enjoy the things I just bought. Best of luck!

  9. They must be fudging the salary numbers on glassdoor cause there is no way that they are correct.

  10. I'm a former employee and we found on my team that remote employees were being paid competitive salaries that were significantly higher than the local Wilmington employees in the same role and seniority. That could be cushioning the glassdoor numbers too.

  11. I had something similar happen to me, wasn't dropped by all but I was dropped by many on the first day and dropped out. Obviously there are bigger problems in the world, but for me, as a 19 year old it was incredibly upsetting and embarrassing. I'm very shy so to put myself out there and get so rejected was hard. And it honestly took me 3 years (basically the rest of college) to kind of let go of it. I get what she's saying. But I also get that this is a snark sub and that's a super weird thing to post on tik tok lol.

  12. Thanks for the input! I did end up going for it and love how it turned out. Feels like it should hold up fine.

  13. I did click and collect there in August and didn't have an issue, but I also didn't have any big items!

  14. I'm actually wearing them right now! I don't think the black shows every lump but I think lighter colors would. They are very thin though and I think if that was a big concern I would go for elations or salutations!

  15. I would probably not, unless it really bothers you. I was a little surprised when I got my first one that it's not totally perfect, but I think that's the nature of how it's made.

  16. People did shit like this at my college. The culprits were all entitled rich white guys who were very drunk. It's really frustrating for the people who just happen to live in the building and have to live with it.

  17. Absolutely Altitude leggings. They are SO warm, lined with polartec. I’ve worn them in the snow and stayed warm. I would say anything with polartec is the way to go.

  18. I came to say this - but I will add specifically that the funnel neck top is amazing!!! I got it in the black friday sale and honestly wore it everyday last week. It's so soft, stretchy, and light, it feels like you're wearing nothing but it's so cozy. And I love the fit!

  19. I think any of those options would be fine. The deep dutch oven is a great deal. I personally only have a 5.5 qt and I cook for myself and my boyfriend (or just myself and leftovers). I love the size, I never feel like it's "too big" and wish for a smaller pot, even if I don't fill it. Before I had my LC I had a cheap 4 qt dutch oven and I was always right on the edge with soups.

  20. Thank you! The only issue is lodging. The place we found is on Mountain Road, just down the street from Stowe Bowl in Stowe. Most of the activities are at Smuggs, so I was hoping to just buy a day pass and commute there for a day. Do you think this is doable?

  21. It's doable but may not be enjoyable. You'll probably be paying a premium to stay in stowe and will have to deal with traffic and a long drive. I'd probably stay somewhere else and just go check out the town of stowe for the day.

  22. I think it depends on if the person tends to run hot or cold. I am in NC and I wear warm sweatshirts and fleece year round because I get cold in the AC.

  23. I got my first one last year after getting my first well paying job. It's such a good feeling. Congrats!

  24. I think it depends on the type of dislike your dog has. Ex. My chihuahua doesn't like new dogs, but once he knows a dog, he is very sweet. So it took some introduction, but now he and my pitbull get along great. But there are some dogs that just do not like other dogs and no amount of introductions will help. In my case, having a another dog helped him come out of his shell a little bit. We joke my pitbull is his emotional support dog lol.

  25. Craftsbury Outdoor Center is an alternative to trap lodge. It's about 45 minutes from Stowe but it's really cool and super cheap.

  26. This is misleading if you're only counting by birth. I moved to vt when I was 6 but i wouldn't call that a transplant!

  27. I have had the tights for a few years and use them for snowboarding and cold weather running. They've held up well with minimal pilling and the fit is flattering. They will definitely be warm enough for that weather. I don't have the bootcut style, but one thing that I have found wearing flared pants in cold weather is that not having the fabric hugging your lower leg can make them cooler than leggings, because the cold air can come up. But Polartec fabric is super warm, so I would be surprised if you have a problem with either style.

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