So What Happened To Nightfall?

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  1. Kevin O will be gaslighting, misdirecting and generally full of shit. Maybe they should let Coffezilla interview SBF under oath.

  2. Any Congress heading on FTX needs to just play the Coffeezilla interview

  3. -5m says:

    Can we just get done with this whole shitshow?

  4. There are multiple US Congress testimonies on this in the coming weeks, so I'd bed this is not the last time we hear about this lol

  5. If Mueslieswap controls the orderbook and batches the orders.

  6. Imo it depends on how exactly muesli swap controls the order book. I admit I am not well versed in how they do it - the only time I tried using muesli swap it was a shit experience that made me uninterested in trading there, so unless the ux changes for the better it’s not going to interest me

  7. Whats funny is the chain of events:

  8. How about the US govt disclose their crypto damage?

  9. From what Ive seen, there's still solid demand for devs. Try deploying various work you have on git, create a portfolio of work and apply to teams.

  10. Are you under 30 years old and have a minimum of 18 years experience developing with cryptocurrency contracts?

  11. under 30 is history, the current flavor is 30 under 30

  12. Bitcoin supporters should explain how miners will be rewarded when 21m bitcoin have been mined

  13. Polygon devs have widely admitted its centralized and to a great deal. Thats why the have been focussing most of their work on building ZK-EVM.

  14. This report seems to be only for native bitcoin and bitcoin wrapped and held on other chains via BTCB, BBTC etc.

  15. Binance is a CEX. going by a traditional balance sheet model, its liabilities would majorly be the funds held by users on the exchange

  16. Damn, this should be its own top level comment

  17. I'm no programmer. Can someone kindly explain this to me in crayons?

  18. Dont download any file from unknown origins including excel or word or pdfs

  19. Set1, I know you are responding from the point of view of blockchains as permissionless and decentralized. But there's a whole other parallel booming market out there for permissioned chains in enterprise use cases. Lots of those settle with stablecoins right now, and I can see where enterprises who aren't trying to make the world a better, less centralized place just want less volatile (which to them means government-sanctioned) stablecoins. CDBCs could hit the mark in those use cases.

  20. CBDCs could potentially be useful for them, I touched briefly in the above comment - these would require composability, which seems to be missing in all CBDCs so far.

  21. This is just nonsense. The involvement of all those lawfirms only confirms that they're talking about some deal with (groups of) creditors to prevent bankruptcy, not cause it.

  22. Well of course the lawfirms arent causing bankruptcy, they are helping to find a solution.

  23. How will you enforce X.509 at the contract level? wont anyone with the contract address be able to use the features?

  24. Bittorrent is a L1 blockchain network now.. smh.

  25. I think it was a BTT token for long but now there's a chain/DEX on it

  26. Gemini wont collapse, those in Gemini earn schemes will become creditors of Genesis and become part of whatever bankruptcy proceedings happen with Genesis

  27. Its not even accurate, crypto market isnt down in the dumps due to leverage but due to outright fraud

  28. It wasn’t exactly unpopular to say that crypto would eventually experience another bear market back then. The only people who thought the gravy train would never end were noobs that felt invincible. Michael Burry isn’t some genius guru, he’s a notorious bear who has made a career on recognizing situations where industries are over leveraged and he tries to capitalize. He isn’t always successful, but it’s his MO.

  29. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Burry keeps posting doomsday predictions every 2nd day and after 18 months it plays out, and suddenly he's the genius?

  30. Lol you are not gonna get reddit crowd to understand TA. The vast mass of people here think its astrology. The vast mass also keeps funds on celsius and blockfi and gets rekt. There's a hint there lmao

  31. I'm not surprised that their declaration and anti crypto campaign had very little effect, people who trust the ECB probably don't hold crypto in the first place

  32. ECB has even lower street rep than even the Fed, and thats saying something. Yes, the ECB and Fed carry a lot of weight but thats due to the impact of their decisions, and not due to their reputation

  33. No its the direct link to sber bank's website. Since its a russian state website I suppose its blacklisted

  34. Why would they post a bullshit story on their own website and how do we know it is bullshit?

  35. No the bullshit story is on coin telegraph and other crypto journalist websites. Search for sberbank metamask - they make it sound as if sberbank "integrated" metamask. The actual press release was on the sberbank website, which is translated as in the post above - seems they are launching an EVM compatible chain

  36. hmm.. that link got automodded....and shows "Privacy Error"...Brave Browser smells something fishy. Personally I'm not clicking farther than that. Can you find a different source maybe?

  37. The link is "SAFU", its just the official website of the sberbank russian bank thats already on probably all sanction list possible lol so its censored by default I guess

  38. Brave browser and Reddit both acted funky. That's enough for me 🤣

  39. Even I had an SSL error show up, but I was really interested to actually find out what the story was about, since "integrates metamask" didn't sound right.. so I went ahead despite the warning and looked into the actual site 😛 I just figured its a RU website so it would be warned/blocked by most browsers

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