1. Imagine, it's been a shitty day... Your car broke down, you had to walk home, you call a friend to take you to the auto parts store and you return to your car on the side of the road- eager to get it fixed and get it home... Only, your car is in a million pieces...


  3. Its not funny, its stupid! And a waste of money... unless of course he bought it for himself to use & said it was for her. Maybe the only Her piece there was the stripper pole. lol. But really, it was Dumb more than funny. And, "Pay Backs"... I hope would be coming, Triple fold. :-)

  4. Who are you to tell me or my wife how to spend our money? She asked for this and uses it to stay in shape, go fuck yourself, thanks.

  5. You better find one, if it's female and its prolapsing, it's not gonna end well.

  6. I don't know about nextfuckinglevel, I believe this is better suited over at

  7. Found something. There’s a name it should make it easier to find more. This link is from another Reddit post of this video.

  8. I've seen this post a couple times, does anybody know anything else about the story? Curious to know what happened to Karen...

  9. What are you doing transferring data? I had the same thing happen to me when I upgraded my old PS4 with a SSD, finally had to start again..

  10. I hope we didn't just start the Windex challenge, let's hope it doesn't become trendy lol

  11. Some day, erosion will win it's battle and it will be glorious!

  12. A strong magnet, go to YouTube and search for Lock Picking Lawyer clothing tags, you'll have it off in less than a minute..

  13. I have a used one for sale. Low milage, only driven from time to time.

  14. I have my doctorate in dad puns, it's good to meet a fellow scholar XD

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