1. This is between nat geo and Candyman correct? Or did I stumble on a diff cave

  2. There’s nothing I know of between nat geo and candyman

  3. I don’t understand how some people feel the need to tag locations. It’s a different story when a graffiti artist does a cool ass painting. But people who just tag stupid shit or dicks I wish nothing but harm to.

  4. I don't think I've heard good things about this brand but I've never tried them.

  5. It's literally no secret and everyone knows about it. A simple google search gives exact details

  6. Everyone posts cave locations. There's sites where people post. Even all the "closed off" ones in Minneapolis and at Paul have well known paths and alternative entrances.

  7. I’m not trying to argue with you I’m just saying half the caves in Minnesota have no info online

  8. Are you just cutting the pups and top off, how much are you saving to grow more?

  9. I have lots more San Pedro besides these 3 I was going to use the whole thing on all 3 of them. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

  10. What is the easiest method to get mescaline out of these without making tea. I don’t plan on consuming soon but am more doing it for fun so I don’t want it to spoil. Should I try to boil it into a tar or go for an extraction method? Please feel free to DM me I’m very interested in drug chemistry and want help getting started.

  11. yeah it’s super open, park at the side of the street a few blocks down and go really late on non weekend days because the last thing you want is to be coming out of a cave and have a cop sitting outside, happened to me once at tot

  12. Likely a remnant from the Eastman tunnel collapse most people refer to this system as Santa’s cave but Neapolitan cave is the name given to it years ago

  13. I don’t switch a cycle they are on a 18/6 light cycle all year around I’ve never had any buds yet. I just let them keep growing and they haven’t had any issues with it yet.

  14. Some people use shade clothes outdoors or grow them under partial cover for part of the day…it may be fine just something to keep in the back of your mind

  15. I’ll be around maybe we will run into each-other. Have fun

  16. They were raining down into us the entire time

  17. I used to grow weed so I know my way arounf growing lmao

  18. It has male and female plants just like the regular weed plant

  19. Great find not even any tags yet keep it secret and it looks like it’s your own personal spot

  20. Thought I was the only Minnesota drug gardener

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