1. maybe you feel like paying a load of extra taxes to fund snow moving equipment that will no use on the majority of years with hardly any snow.

  2. Yes, I'd love my taxes to actually be put towards something useful that could save lives even if that thing is only rarely used.

  3. Not that surprising. Can’t remember the last time Arsenal finished above Spurs, actually

  4. More and more of this sub has become redditors missing the point and posting stuff that is genuinely cool and funny, thinking any time a company says anything its cringe. It annoys me but then I enjoy the tweet I otherwise would’ve missed so I’m left torn between the two feelings.

  5. Oh my god, it's a corporation trying to come off as a teen. You're being advertised to and defending it. Jesus christ, this sub has become a bunch of redditors who can't tell the difference between a human and a faceless corporation

  6. Yeah, this guy's full of shit claiming nobody's had a payrise in 3 years.

  7. He's clearly talking about corporate profits. How can you be this ignorant with this much hubris? I'm embarrassed for you.

  8. Profits at the expense of no pay rises for the public sector workers. You are so profoundly confident in something you know nothing about.

  9. It's like everything it's saying is bad is good and everything good is actually bad. Like they're not even trying to spin it anymore because it's impossible to spin. Everyone gains bar those who have exploited us... And that's bad?

  10. I started working 3 weeks after I turned 14 as a bag boy. I was still in 8th grade. It was fine. I did a few hours after school and full days on the weekends. Saved money and bought my first car in cash and paid my own insurance, gas, and maintenance. It was fine.

  11. When were you 14? I was 14 like a two years deep into the 2008 crash in the UK and the thought of what you did was just a pipe dream

  12. Who the fuck finds this funny and posts it like it's some joke? I'm seriously worried about how many people don't get how bad shit is getting out there.

  13. Here in the UK we've been told the working class have to tighten their belts even more as we're going to dip into a 2 year long recession. Everyone at work doesn't seem to understand a lot of us are about to lose our livelihoods. Like it's all a soap opera and there's no consequences for us.

  14. Or just eat a healthy, sensible diet and take vitamins on the side if you need them.

  15. I'd only reccomend vitamin supplements if your doctor says your body is in dire need of them. There's been a few studies over the past years that show vitamin supplement users have no health benifits over those who don't use them.

  16. That's an eBay listing? But it doesn't say 'RARE' in the name

  17. How much of the total infected are gay for both AIDs and monkeypox?

  18. For HIV 2022 marked the first time since 2012 that there were more heterosexuals that contracted HIV than homosexuals (Source: THT UK), with 1.62x more women infected than men.

  19. I dont mean to be rude with this but this likely won't work. First point is that it is unlikely to get many supporters and the second is that the supporters it does get may not do it either due to pressure from energy companies or just can't be bothered to deal with the hassle.

  20. Yes, we all stopped mass boycotts/protests in the 2000s. I don't think you understand how dire this situation is. It isn't a case of "can I be bothered?" it's a case of "I cannot heat the house or feed my children, the electric and gas is as much as the rent but the news keeps telling me about corporate record profits". People are angry, and desperate and the politicians are publically siding with big business.

  21. I genuinely don’t understand what we’re meant to do anymore ? Like when does this stop ? I earn 1600 a month, my gas and electricity is 250 now (60 this time last year), my rent is 700, council tax 180 so that’s 1130 just as basic. Add on internet, phonebill, food shop, bus fares etc it leaves me with fuck all. What happens if we get to the stage where the gas and lecky is 600 a month ? Like what the actual fuck do we do ? Are we expected to stay here and essentially work for nothing ? Do we leave for other countries? Is it even any better elsewhere ? This is really fuckin depressing.

  22. If only we were a member of a union of countries that allowed the people to move about as they please

  23. I don't get it, why are we blaming the youtubers? They only drop 10k on fifa packs because people want to watch them open it, if you really want to blame someone then blame anyone that watches a fifa pack opening. If no one watches fifa pack openings these youtubers would never even think about dropping 10k on it.

  24. These comments saying it ain't the you tubers fault or problem they creating gambling addicts is the equivalent of "its not the heroin dealers fault. Its the distributor and end users fault". No, both distribution (EA) the the dealers (YouTubers) are at fault. The end user is a victim (consequent gambling addicts)

  25. Lad come off it, there is a massive difference between shooting up heroin and opening fifa packs. I know the analogy you're going for but it is wildly different

  26. No, it's not. Gambling addictions ruin families, destroy livelihoods and the afflicteds mental state. Gambling is an addiction like any other, and EA and their YouTube influencers push gambling onto children. There's a reason there are laws around gambling the same as smoking and drinking.

  27. Do you also swim into the ocean and tell the boat drivers to be careful of you? I feel like that's something you would do.

  28. Look mate, people were here before any motor vehicle. Simple fact is vehicles should be working around us, not the other way around.

  29. That's all very well but what about the drunk dude who just veered into the road completely without warning? He wasn't crossing, just fell sideways head first into the road. I managed to stop because it was just a suburban road and I could see him weaving so I was going slow.

  30. Yes, if it was a crime to do so that clearly blasted guy would have stopped and said "I cannot pass out here, that would be illegal"

  31. Will managers move around clubs? Do I have a contract I can run down as a player or manager rather than working there until I'm fired? Are they adding stats and history for players? No? Okay.

  32. its because there are too many idiots that happily accept low pay because they constantly make bad choices and then rent is due and they have no other option but to accept

  33. Those idiots being born in poor, disadvantaged areas with much lower prospects than others. Make a better choice and be born in an affluent neighborhood and richer family nex time!

  34. People can choose to make changes. Dont try to make it seem like someone being born into a poor family has no chance at success.

  35. I see thumbnails like this a lot, and I basically just watch stupid gaming channels. The fuck kinda algorithm do they have over there?

  36. Need we reminding it was typically those who watched gaming channels that fell down the alt right pipeline? A lot of toxic shit is reccomended to those who watch mostly gaming channels (2014 me included).

  37. I can feel the rage emanating from S*n and Daily Heil readers* from here.

  38. Daily Fail/The Scum readers usually read the headline (a taxing effort for them) and then form their opinion

  39. This is the railway workers in the UK. They've had some nationwide strike days recently, including I think today. Very effective.

  40. Don't forget it'll be happening Saturday as well! Telecommunication strikes tomorrow I think?

  41. Apparently EA made over $1.6Billion last year from UT, you would think they could put some of that into careers

  42. Nah, straight to the shareholders pockets. None for the people who make the game, none going back into the game. All for my 5th yacht.

  43. Political Party A says there's nothing to be done. Political Party B also says there's nothing to be done.

  44. If that's okay, then beating boomers is okay too.

  45. My old man (early Gen X that acts like a boomer) forgot I'm closing in on 30 last year at a family holiday. I somehow hurt his masculinity when we were all drinking and he threatened to knock me out. He being a much older man now I retaliated "You go for me and I'll make sure you never walk again". His knees are fucked from years in construction - a kick to the knees and he won't be getting up.

  46. Probably had something to do with asking her to do shit porn. Cause that's all he associates with Germany in his porn addicted mind.

  47. Wait, you're telling me all those 90s young adult comedies were lying to me?

  48. You would use Trauerspiel in this context though. "Put" has like 50 different words that it can be translated into in German. Tragedy can very well have two.

  49. So is the above kinda like saying "No, it's not 'dismissed', it's 'relieved'". Different word same meaning?

  50. Literally what both my parents said to me when I cried. I'm not fine

  51. I've got a really, really uncommon first and second name. My surname in particular can be read as two different words but pronounced differently (I'm English btw). It annoyed me as a kid when people got it wrong but for so long now I just joke "ooooh, so close"

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