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  1. I would prefer a world where the superpower is Europe, and I'm not even European. But yes, USA is less bad than the other two.

  2. Same here, doesn't feel uncomfortable or anything

  3. This is awesome! I tried training dreambooth on Jinx, but the results ended up being very noisy. Gonna have to experiment more with it

  4. And he's fine after?? Never understood that

  5. Got into true crime last week and I'm already done with it. Can't handle that shit. The awful things innocent kids have gone through all because some men wanted to get themselves off is heartbreaking

  6. A chief investigator on this case committed suicide since he was overwhelmed by fear these monsters may be released one day. That and he had severe PTSD from the whole ordeal. RIP Paul Bynum.

  7. I read this as well. One of my friends joined the FBI a couple years ago. I have half a mind to ask him if he had to listen to the tape during training, but I wouldn't know how to bring it up. Or if I even should

  8. Depends on how close you are, I guess. I'd preface it with a warning of morbid curiosity case interest, leading to the question of if it's true/happened in his training. He wouldn't be in the FBI if he didn't have questions himself.

  9. Finally caved and asked him. He never got any such desensitization training and hasn't heard of anyone getting it. Might just be a rumor. Good old wikipedia.

  10. They do Cuz it makes them feel good, as one endangered female redditor once said "they make me feel like a bad bitch"

  11. I am so squeamish about nails. When I was a kid I accidentally ripped part of mine off and it hurt like hell. Every time I see long nails I think of all the ways it could catch on something. Makes my stomach churn

  12. I can see this being used for RL Grimes Halloween mixes

  13. Totally agree! I make movie video edits to the mixes every year (where these clips were pulled from) if you'd be interested in those:

  14. Ha I had a feeling you were the guy that makes them! I watched the one you made for Halloween X and this post totally reminded me of it.

  15. They're right though. Vi doesn't understand Jinx and hasn't accepted that she changed, it's one of the factors that contributed to the ending of s1

  16. Not wanting Silco is her life does not mean not accepting. Jinx didnt even mention what changed, so what didnt Vi accept?

  17. She can't accept that her sister is a murderer. This was a major source of conflict between them in Acts 2 and 3, along with Jinx's jealousy/hatred of Caitlyn. Vi wants the sweet, lovable sister she remembers, not a violent mass-murderer.

  18. The pull up was bad for the back and the dismount was bad for his neck. Cue in spine surgeon.

  19. Not to mention slamming his shins on that bar

  20. I first smoked when I was 17. It made me feel both relaxed and paranoid at the same time, which is a strange feeling. I smoked a ton my first few years of college because I liked it better than drinking, but I've since quit.

  21. One of my friends has a pitbull. She often brought it over to our house and it was always super sweet. We all adored the dog. Then we went on vacation together and the dog bit me and two of my other friends while there, and also injured another dog that was brought along. It really is like a switch is flipped, there's zero warning

  22. Thanks for posting this. The first time I tried the dreambooth colab, it ran fine, but the output images were very noisy. Every subsequent time I ran I got a cuda out of memory error. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, would appreciate some help if anyone knows

  23. I heard about it on Twitter and I was pissed because they are such a great artist... but the fact they support that stuff... Ugh!

  24. Why do you care so much what other ppl ship?

  25. It's the fact that the ship condones incest. That's what makes the vast majority of the fandom feel uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. To know people support or draw stuff like that in our community just makes everyone uncomfortable.

  26. I see. It is a strange ship, but I've never personally been bothered by other people's weird pairings, even if they are taboo. I guess I just don't care because it's all fictional

  27. I, too, have known the draw to the blue cunny

  28. A buddy of mine started working for the FBI a couple years ago, I wonder if he had to listen to this for desensitization training. I only heard the partial courtroom audio and it had me in tears. I couldn't imagine listening to the whole thing, or having to be the guy who translates it, counting exactly how many times that sledgehammer crushed her arm.

  29. I'm also having this issue. Is this not able to run on the free colab?

  30. Funny story. There was a guy in my college class that always chewed gum with their mouth open. When the pandemic hit and we switched to online classes, I thought "well at least I won't have to listen to that anymore"

  31. Arcane. I don't even play league but Arcane is one of the best shows I've ever seen

  32. Smite. Something about MOBAs just locks me in, it never gets boring for me.

  33. Of all current musicians, I would have assumed DJ Khaled would go down. Guess you just never know.

  34. Interesting. I would've thought he'd just go up, and stay there

  35. How come no one mentioned it's easier to unload the trunk?


  37. Wow pretty much 10 minutes after I started playing lol. Thanks!

  38. I... I just want to clarify that in this comment, you're referring to rearing children and not shooting and/or murdering your wife, correct?

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