1. Can't believe I didn't remember this one the first time around, "If tomorrow never comes" by Todd Snider.

  2. Atheists Don't Have No Songs, Steve Martin (Couldn't resist)

  3. Yeah, it's a thing. And way more common than most of us talk about, I think.

  4. God only sends things that Christians agree with. If you ask them, they'll tell you that's in the Bible.

  5. Rule 1: follow the data. Visible, repeatable evidence trumps everything else. Rule 2: minimize axioms.

  6. OK, here's words from the ex-Christian you mentioned: yup, you nailed it. But, it's actually worse. Thinking about committing a sin is the same as doing it.

  7. My Dad used to say "An open mind is like a trash can. People will throw all sorts of rubbish in."

  8. I agree. But, I think you may be missing one important case. The frequency of miracles is also roughly equal to the frequency of false positives.

  9. Got a toaster oven? Something that can go to 150F?

  10. My thoughts, but not my words...

  11. They scream that the world hates them, in part, because projection works.

  12. "They scream that the world hates them, in part, because projection works."

  13. Once upon a time, I tried to convince one of my very religious cousins that freedom to practice your religion requires freedom from practicing everyone else's.

  14. Yes. I think a big chunk of why so many of us are is what happens when you reverse the question.... Can you be religious without being anti-atheist?

  15. Does anyone remember all those Republicans who said all they wanted was a president who would follow the Constitution?

  16. Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

  17. No Wiccan or other pagan has ever given me shit for being an atheist, none of them have any really dangerous beliefs. Christfuckers and muslims do.

  18. I'm with you on that one. Their stuff may be really cringe-worthy in a lot of ways. But, they ain't trying to legislate it onto everyone else.

  19. I would prefer someone forcing people to be atheists because atheism makes us better people.

  20. I hear you. But, that's the same thing the religious folks say.

  21. Paraphrasing what you said above ...

  22. I don't think they are ignoring it. I think they are publicly denying it. But, I think the radical attempts to legislate Christianity are the visible backlash caused by their fear of just this problem. They are terrified of becoming a minority.

  23. You should not use tung oil to finish cutting board as its toxic. I would go with mineral oil or bee wax.

  24. That's surprising. When I googled food safe finishes, tung oil was right nigh the top of the list. I'll have to dig into that some more. Thanks.

  25. I really like this. I think the way you aligned (didn't align) the ends of the boards really works on this piece. Well done!

  26. Yes. This story was right common among the Evangelical crowd when HP was most popular. Not surprisingly, it died out somewhat after the movies started coming out.

  27. And this is what has them terrified. Trying to assert control in a world they no longer control.

  28. I wish, I really wish, that I could believe that you are wrong. But, I just can't. I've tried.

  29. Yeah, this sort of stuff bothered me for a long time. Right up until I got my head around the 3 rules of scripture...

  30. Would I join one? No. Do I sometimes wish people a Joyous Solstice (or Saturnalia or host of other obscure things) just because I know it makes them wonder? Believe it!

  31. I got the powder mage trilogy on audible from all the Reddit suggestions and I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I ended up buying paperbacks of the next trilogy and reading all 3 books in maybe like 2 weeks. I don’t know if it’s because I read vs listened but I enjoyed the second trilogy even more.

  32. Yes. I, too, really enjoyed the Powder Mage series.

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