1. I’m deeply curious how they came up with this number. It feels PDOOMA to me.

  2. Quick, let’s go pirate those boats that show Big Gulp ads and use them to harass the shark hunters!

  3. Employee Of The Month is such a bullshit program. It only ever goes to whoever sucks up to the boss and never to the employees who actually carry the workplace.

  4. Nope! We live in total isolation and seclusion instead! This is definitely better and not worse! /s

  5. The worst place I’ve seen a lifted truck was at a Scout camp where I work. It was up to my shoulders (and I’m a pretty big guy). And there’s kids there who are barely past my belly button.

  6. This seems pretty recent, given the lack of new gardens and thriving businesses.

  7. We need a new sub about this hilarious mirror universe the right seems to believe they’re in. The one where the US is communist, antifascists patrol the streets in search of conservatives, and corporations turn kids gay.

  8. Capitalism did redistribute wealth. Just not in the way that this moron thinks it did.

  9. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson about this after Snowmaggedon hit Texas.

  10. Communism is when the private bank won’t let me take out a mortgage because my corporate landlord steals all of my money.

  11. Yep, the good old People’s Republic of New Mexico. The most oppressive of communist regimes.

  12. Congrats, Draino, you’re one step closer to becoming a socialist!

  13. Why yes, I do report Nestle ads on Reddit for prohibited transactions. How could you tell?

  14. NATO? The reason western Europe has remained peaceful since 1945?

  15. Your apartment legitimately looks like The Backrooms. Your landlord doesn’t give half a rat’s ass about you.

  16. The only way one can tell it’s not some neckbeard’s lair is that there’s no trash on the floor.

  17. Wait until you see what massive homelessness that these fuckos caused by wasting space looks like.

  18. Don’t. Arguing with people online is the least productive thing you can do, for your own sake and everyone else’s.

  19. As Thomas Paine once said, “to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason is to administer medicine to the dead”

  20. It’s been a while since I used Honorcrock, but I think there’s a way to contact a help desk from there. They might know what to do.

  21. OG and Lilo in the front seat. Grizl and Bigzy in the backseat. Voyd in all four seats at once.

  22. -Definitely bring back the other Subspace bosses, like Rayquaza, Porky, the Duon, and Tabuu.

  23. Literally anything that draws crowds here in the US is like that. Sports stadiums (good luck setting up a bar nearby), Renaissance festivals (oh the irony), and even Old Faithful (on volcanically unstable ground, no less),

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