1. Yes, well, the assumption here is they win with LeBron playing at his MVP level. If they eek out a win while Lebron still gets clamped by JJ Barea, has 8 points in a finals game, and cedes FMVP to Wade. Obviously not better than MJ.

  2. Lebron is better than Kobe all time but the debate back then wasn't between Kobe and Lebron's all time rank as you're implying it was. It was between Kobe and Lebron being the best in the league at that particular time. Literally not a single person ranked Lebron over Kobe all time in 2011 or 2012. People only started definitively ranking Lebron higher than Kobe all time around the time he went back to Cleveland.

  3. This old video gets posted constantly for some reason. Before he even won his first mvp, the person who drafted Kobe Bryant, some dude named Jerry west, said lebron had already surpassed Kobe as the greatest player in the league.

  4. Kobe fans seem to think LeBron vs Kobe is still a debate, so they post only opinions from the 2000s to support their case lmao

  5. In any other era he would be. But in the era he came in, the league was too talented at the time.

  6. I agree 100%. I meant the era he joined was the best the league had ever seen at that point. It took off exponentially since then.

  7. My favorite Michael stat ever is regarding his short stint playing as point guard for the Bulls:

  8. What was the bulls record in those 24 games? Pretty sure he would go up to the scorers desk asking how many more assists he needed to get the triple double It’s documented

  9. Jordan and pip. Pippen will basically make sure it’s a 1 on 1 between mj and Kobe. Wouldn’t bet against jordan

  10. Yeah, he would. He probably wouldn’t have too hard a time either.

  11. DRose for real had Lebron Stans shitting bricks

  12. His costar dropped 6 points. Can maybe shut up the guys who think Jordan took shots away from Pippen lol

  13. Lmao some of you jordan stans just be saying anything.

  14. Lol definitely Celtics homers on hoopshype. Tatum at one? Please.

  15. A 4-time champion, 4-time Finals MVP, 4-time MVP, 18-time All Star, 17 all NBA teams, one of the greatest passers ever, one of the greatest scorers ever, playing June basketball for half his career, having longevity only matched by Kareem, coming back from 3-1 against the greatest regular season team of all time, had multiple incredible playoff runs. People have every right to believe he is the GOAT (I usually flip flop between him Wilt and Jordan)

  16. All that dude does is shit on bron. I wouldn’t waste your time.

  17. Your personal attack is not true at all and I think you are projecting your own insecurities here. All of your comments seem to be very pro Lebron and anti MJ/his fans. Maybe let others think for themselves or try arguing the point instead of resorting to ad hominems.

  18. Lol “not true at all” yet your post history says otherwise.

  19. He beat Lebron for years before he lost once to him though

  20. How come y’all don’t use that same excuse for the bad boys pistons “being salty” about MJ? They beat him 3 years in a row before jordan finally won.

  21. Because I don’t think Isiah is salty because “MJ owned him and the Pistons”. MJ didn’t own him and the Pistons just like Lebron didn’t own KG and the Celtics.

  22. It’s why you have to actually watch the games.

  23. What are each of those players FGA/game?

  24. You know MJ definitely leading in shots per game by a wide margin.

  25. who knew that the mavs would permanently eliminate him from the goat conversation just one year later

  26. And the time before when they nuked their core for AD they won a championship lmfao

  27. He also wanted derozan before they settled on getting Westbrook.

  28. It's easy to boost your TS% when your shot selection is less than 3-ft from most of the time. If you watch both players, Jordan takes a lot of pull-up Js like around almost twice the attempts of Giannis. So again this stat is misleading in many ways.

  29. The fact he scored like 8 points in a finals game. The fact he plays defense on rare occasions. The fact he still can’t shoot free throws

  30. He also has the most game winners in playoff history. Guys like kobe, Kareem, TD etc didn’t play defense in their latter years and they weren’t coming close to producing what LeBron does on offense. Plus, If you think jordan played any defense on the wizards, you’re kidding your self. And that was only in year 14 and 15. The 8 point finals game, there’s no excuse at all. He admittedly said he wasn’t himself that series. But the dude has played 19 seasons and all you’re stuck on is one game from 11 years ago. LeBron is just held to a different standard.

  31. 23 points on 22 shots and missing the playoffs. And played no defense. I wish lebron would come here in his 40s, at least we’d get a show.

  32. Year 20 lebron and still top 3. This dude is insane

  33. Lmao op got jokes. You’re about to make a lot of Jordan Stan’s mad with this one

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