1. bruh wtf this shitty-ass Mega Man tbagging for?

  2. not character related and more sadness: I've been wanting to practice, but sickness made it too hard to concentrate for me to play for the past few days, days which I haven't really had much to do but suffer and watch YouTube. feeling better now luckily

  3. i dont know what this tier list is for, and at this point im too afraid to ask

  4. another notable one is referencing Brawl Meta Knight

  5. Mega Man ditto. Leaf and blue plasma bullet hell, and a lot of your other moves just get deleted by other projectiles

  6. ignoring stuff about my characters from outside of Smash, i love having to practice things like tech and hard to do combos a lot that my characters thrive from to consistently do them, as well as strategies to cover as many options as possible

  7. Where does 'revenge tbagger' fall in this list? Like, they wouldn't normally tbag, but you did it first so when you get spanked and tbagged back, it's karma

  8. i thought about that and didnt include it since they are tbagging because someone is a tbagger, rather than being a tbagger themself, if that makes sense

  9. for a while i've been losing around probably 30%-35% of the time

  10. thanks, i can sense my improvement, though stuff like illness has been getting in the way of practice

  11. i grew up playing Melee, which is what introduced me to many other games and franchises, which had huge impacts on my life, so yes

  12. I'm gonna inevitably come back to playing this shit in half a year, and yall are all gonna be Steve mains 💀

  13. Am I exposing my status as a scrub if I ask what a NIL combo is? Does that mean 0TD?

  14. no impact land, when Steve places a block beneath him at the right time so he can be on the block instantly, which allows for the 0TD combos

  15. i sometimes make sure im not playing too campy while doing friendlies, but no outside of that

  16. oh wow, didnt know you make animations. great job

  17. i always either get the mashiest characters ever or I get Ryu, someone I haven't bothered learning anything about

  18. would have enough entrants to fit in a whole arena.

  19. This applies to Ness much better imo because Yo-Yo is bullshit at ledge—it's a free, un-SDIable edgeguard with no real effort put in.

  20. I hate fighting Pythra, especially as Snake. I can actually tell I'm better than a Pythra player while fighting them, but in the end it doesnt matter and I lose since no matter how much I outplay the shit out of them, their dumb bullshit and mashing does more than anything I do

  21. I like when my name is THERE! and people say "Hi there!" when I join an arena

  22. Well this will be in r/ stroke that what I get for writing during the match lol

  23. those are fine, though would have been funny if they were flammable

  24. I lowkey want to stop complaining about the characters I hate because like everyone, we tend to really hate the characters we do not like fighting against and we let that hate, let alone those characters, live rent free in our heads but this sub's all about character hate nowadays and it's getting old to where people honestly either complain about the same characters or complain about everyone and I do not want to have to hate everyone.

  25. for a while I stopped making rage posts about characters because I felt like it was just not a good thing to do, but then I realized that it would make it a lot harder to come up with ideas for rage posts

  26. Some of it is blown out of proportion, but sometimes there are valid points brought out about some of his questionable decisions. (Like the fact that they considered implementing stricter connection standards to be able to play online but Sakurai said no)

  27. that is true, but sometimes people just go too far with the hate, which is what I'm referring to

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