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  1. I did two: worked on an indie game, and tried to parse Western’s course calendar to check requirements for each degree.

  2. What type of projects would you recommend? I’ve got experience building web apps, and I’m learning about chrome extensions now. I’m a first year at western and I’m just trying to catch up, wondering if you had any advice in general as well

  3. Find something in your life that sucks/bothers you, make a program that makes it easier for you.

  4. Makes sense, how did you choose mediums? Like web apps, desktop apps, chrome extensions, etc. I feel like there’s so much to choose from so even when I have a good idea I have a hard time deciding how I want to present it, if that makes sense.

  5. Laurier will accept you, and Carleton is worth applying since they are not as competitive as people on this sub think (required average is DEFINETLY below 90). That CS Master guide has a few facts wrong, and doesn't even include western which is solid for mid 80s people

  6. Nah it’s competitive, I applied last year with a 91 and didn’t get in to Carleton. At western cs rn

  7. Doesn’t Carleton straight up give u a 10k scholarship for 90+ how’d u get rejected 💀

  8. A proper user will still find a way of doing it wrong and blaming you.

  9. I’m 18 and let’s just say there’s a reason I’m listening to nostalgic music 24/7

  10. Just join ur uni’s cs department discord or whatever and I guarantee they will have a pdf for you to yoink.

  11. would you rather eat British food or French food?

  12. My first play through I only levelled int and faith, no fucking clue how I beat the game with base vigor

  13. Anyone else seeing really bad frame drops? Got an overclocked 5600x and a 3080 and I’m going to below 10 frames sometimes with rt off. If someone has a fix that would be great, because the game is awesome otherwise

  14. Your performance sounds unusual for sure, but the game is definitely hard on the CPU.

  15. I had a couple friends in a similar situation. It's really a game of chance. Here are the conclusions from what I saw:

  16. I had a 91, rejected from all the no’s, rejected from both tough, rejected from all of the good shot schools except western. Got into their cs and eng, ended up choosing their cs and I start this sept. Felt like the whole thing was just rng tbh

  17. It’s in the middle, a while ago my average would have been fine for uottowa, Carleton, and a few other better schools. This year everything got fucked tho. If u weren’t well above the average ur acceptance was completely rng

  18. I was being facetious, western is a great school with a great reputation, and I dont even care about school rankings. I dont know about CS specifically but I dont think I've ever met a person who would consider Carelton a better school than Western.

  19. For cs I think they are def better. Dev degree is really appealing, their coop is oddly good, and I get coop before my third year unlike western. I don’t see a reason to pick western over Carleton honestly, but I’d love to be proven wrong here lmao

  20. Honestly make an alt acc and try it, if it works then u just got another stw acc with exclusive shit

  21. Doesent it state in the waterloo website that non of the programs like it

  22. Probably, but it’s only for the stupidly competitive programs where they will apply an adjustment factor

  23. I agree, that’s just my answer to the question. Whenever I talk about the state of the world or any problems that our generation is likely to face in the future, I find anyone thats not already aware of it gets disturbed. Ignorance is bliss in the sense that if you aren’t already aware of what’s going on, it’s simply one less thing to worry about. If you are aware, then not only is it something that’s always in the back of ur mind, but the fact that it’s likely something uncontrollable and inevitable that you will have to go through is really fucking depressing.

  24. It is, but I deal with it with the thought "I cant do anything about it, so I'm not gonna do anything."

  25. That unfortunately doesn’t work for me, once I’m aware of a problem I can’t get it out of my head until it’s not a problem anymore.

  26. I’m literally a cs nerd with no clue wtf I’m gonna do long term. Just taking it one step at a time tbh

  27. Are there any Indians who don't have spiciness tolerance? Like, can some of y'all not handle the spice?

  28. Not the same, but while I can handle spice I just don’t like it lmao

  29. never seen it but i’m sure it was an electrifying experience for the guy

  30. Yo are u trolling rn or was this answer just a message from the gods

  31. I got in with an 89 in like March. I don’t think admissions were that bad

  32. Yea I don’t think western was too bad. I had a 91 and I applied in early may and got in a few days after applying

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