Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year

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  1. Well, I'd at least like to know where they all went after Makima was defeated. It's not like they can die. And I would have liked to know at least a little about each one's actual personality.

  2. Zeus had a body count of at least 57 people, including atleast 1 man and practically his whole family, even his grandmother and daughter. He also has a son deformed in the shape of male genitals and he swallowed one of his wives after marriage. Yeah.

  3. I read somewhere that the reason why Zues is portrayed in such a deviant way is because different parts of Greece had different beliefs about him, like who he was married to. So when it's all unified, he comes together as history's biggest, gnarliest womanizer.

  4. Games were smaller and less graphically intensive, but they were distinctive and artistically stunning.

  5. I'm pretty sure that emotionally, devils aren't that much more mature than children.

  6. DU rounds self-sharpen as they deform because material breaks away in a way that preserves the shell's shape, a phenomenon known as “adiabatic shear banding”. DU rounds are also pyrophoric – the fragments ignite in air, torching the interior of the target vehicle.

  7. Is that what they call, "Anti-Material Rounds?" And are they used in repeating fire, or more relagated to something like a bolt-action rifle?

  8. Logic dictates that since most red states are third world authoritarian hellholes, the bluest of blue states must be superior in every way.

  9. Actually, population growth is in decline across most developed nations because there's little to no incentive to reproduce among young people.

  10. The oil industry might be selling the future of your children, but it turns out that's pretty profitable and they pay well.

  11. Fuck tobacco, fuck alcohol, and fuck oil WAY up the ass.

  12. I like how the Adventure series gave her another facet to her character beyond her crush on Sonic: her compassion for all, even being the world would find undeserving of compassion, and how this compassion can be those beings' salvation.

  13. Denji didn't have to know them for long as they were his only true humanoid friends, ever. The first people that actually gave him a sense of belonging, home and familiar bond. It's like his brain unlocked the ability "feeling and bonding" due to those two and then Makima blasted them all over the floor to have that unlocked ability completely crush him, which it did. He wanted to return to the state of being a barely sentient servant.

  14. Basically, Pochita's hybridization contract with Denji revolves around Pochita seeing how Denji wants to live his life. So Makima sought to break this contract and restore the true Chainsaw Devil by giving Denji reasons to live, and taking them away when he was at his most vulnerable.

  15. Americans wont go on strike for the same reason why people who hate capitalism still go to work, gotta eat

  16. The youth of America has one thing to show for ourselves that's going tragically unreported: In response to the general lack of incentives, we're refusing to work at all or have children of our own.

  17. Shadow Durza I don't know about anyone else but I'm about tired of seeing you try to shit on people who didn't go to college.

  18. Just because I endorse college doesn't mean I'm looking down upon people that didn't. That's a conclusion you drew yourself.

  19. As far as I can see, BOTH sides are being played off each other

  20. Don't focus on Posture when fighting Beast enemies. Just dodge it's charges and carefully chip away at it's Stamina.

  21. I guess when you don't factor in BMI, they're in the same weight class, but who's running the commission? Little dude's built like a tank, and the other guy's a bony toothpick.

  22. Because everyone knows money is unlimited and we can just make up big numbers to throw out / print with no consequences!

  23. Oh, but when it comes to giving handouts to billionaires, suddenly money is mo object. And what do they do with it? Give themselves bonuses, buyback stocks, and fire a bunch of people.

  24. Which handouts specifically? I'm a bit out of the loop tbf

  25. Figures someone who knows nothing about politics would endorse Republican policy.

  26. I'm considering doing a fanfic story that addresses this, along with a slight commentary on the music industry in general.

  27. They want to privatize everything so they, personally, can try to earn money off of it. So much of this is driven by these people's overwhelming greed. Every thought, opinion, and choice is based on it.

  28. I always said us Americans had to learn all our bad habits from somewhere.

  29. Yeah consistent is important. If I were in your shoes. I would not start this project again until I can give it the consistency it needs. That, or change artist.

  30. Also, the more they work on the second installment, the worse their art is starting to get. It's getting messy and sketched, and starting to lack any defining line art and touch ups.


  32. His colors will deepen as he gets closer to evolution, same how the normal chao turn darker or lighter as they evolve into Dark and Hero respectively.

  33. So it has noting to do with the gardens? Cause my Shadow Chao, was in the hero garden and when he was in there he changed from green to black

  34. It's a very complicated process, but each chaos's evolution is determined by the value of two separate sliders corresponding to Swim-Fly and Run-Power. Giving a chao lots of Swim stat items will make it more likely to evolve into a Swim chao. But giving it more Fly items will send the slider back to neutral territory. When your chao was green, it was on its way to evolve into a Run type, but you must have given it a bunch of Power items to neutralize this effect.

  35. And they say fan games and successors are too floaty...

  36. Not likely. In 48 hours, this will be just another dead meme when the internet finds something newer to focus on.

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