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  1. I'VE BEEN GETTING IT TOO. Every 5 fuckin minutes. Reload hasn't fixed it for me

  2. But VA turned out to be innocent 🤔 Guilty before proven innocent, I suppose.

  3. VA also had a team full of highly paid highly skilled lawyers vs a woman basically representing herself in court. Don't really need to be innocent to get out of that one

  4. Oh boy am I glad I have a short hair cat. WHERE IS ALL THAT STUFF COMING FROM

  5. Do we know if/when we're getting a new weapon "type"? (maybe kinda like heizou's fists?) saw a rumour at one point about a "gun" but that was it

  6. Moon landing. It’s crazy how many people think it’s fake

  7. My SOCIAL TEACHER way back when I was in grade 12 claims it's fake. Dude is genuinely really smart about so many things. But he thinks the moon landing is fake.

  8. Appreciate all the thoughts and hot takes in here. I can answer a few questions a little later today if they are replies to this comment

  9. Have you guys thought about increasing her AA range? She sits in a tier with Lucian, sivir, zeri (all champions that sorta function with range like that), and kogmaw (who can increase his AA range). I've played a bunch of current sivir and while I think these changes are a great move in the right direction, it feels like she still needs to be way too close to put out dps at times

  10. For an upcoming game I'd make the strike box into 2x5 strike squads with swords/halberds depending on your meta. Swords are better for space marine factions as of now. Magnetizing backpacks is usually recommended though none of mine are lol.

  11. Wow, this was sdo much more than I was expecting. Dont apologize! Thank you so much for your help. Im very excited to try them out and will make a list based on your advice here. Sometimes it takes me a long time to grasp things but with all this info itll help a lot. Ill try it and let you know how it goes :)

  12. Good luck and sounds good! If you have any more questions or need any more help I'm happy to answer here or in dms! Another tidbit of info, starting your games in Tide of Shadows gives your units the benefits of light cover at 12+ inches away which is very helpful when you don't get the alpha strike for keeping your army alive despite your opponent's shooting. Along with that Paladins are doing very well as of late with the new Armor of Contempt rule. With Tide of Shadows, AoC, and picking the armored resilience psychic for them and successfully casting it on themselves they can maintain a 2+ armor save against up to ap-3 attacks at further than 12inches which is insane. So they're definitely a fun unit to take in a blob with either Draigo or an apothecary to buff them.

  13. I totally forgot to reply, game went really well all things considered. MAN the mortal wounds output is great. I started off the game kinda bad tbh, 5 intercessors were killed off the bat by an ork plane t1. But after that, the dreadknight kinda took over. He basically 1v5'd the entirety of the rest of the orks. Dude puts in work

  14. I used to play piano a LOT. For most of my childhood. I use 3 fingers on qwer (like any sane person should), picked up the habit from FPS games

  15. I have the exact same discord issue too with everyone talking fast!! its so weird lol I hope they fix it

  16. It's so weird because that's not a normal thing that happens when PC's freeze??? So like Uhhhhh excuse me riot wtf are you doing

  17. They’re both good kits and contain a solid selection of units you’ll likely use. I started my army with these two kits back when the Decimation Warband was released for Christmas 2020.

  18. Start collecting box is really good bang for your buck. Especially since GW hasn't announced if obliterators are getting their own box. So I'd say send it and get them both when you can. Just keep in mind the new codex is coming out so some things might change. The start collecting is mono pose anyways tho. Happy collecting

  19. The sound that escaped me when she tied that guy's neck.

  20. Both my kitties do something like this. For me, I think it's the beard 🤣

  21. Sounds similar to some of his older eden project stuff. Def a sorta throwback with a new twist on it. I'm a fan

  22. Def going back to his edm eden project roots (like super old stuff from his Discography) can't wait

  23. It wasn't even her most used. A lot of people were running grasp, PTA and a good amount fleet and lethal tempo (for some reason).

  24. Nope. Glacial was her most used by far. Other ones were okay in certain matchups, but you can go look at the stats back then. It was all glacial

  25. Where did you find a start collecting? ! I've looked everywhere , they're impossible to find

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