So I made a Kratos cosplay

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  1. Are you on PC? It's Epic exclusive, so no one bought it.

  2. agree ... once its on steam (or just everywhere else and not on epic eclusively as everyone hates it)

  3. So basically it's one the most important stat to increase right?

  4. its one of the most pointless stats cause it feels any hit wil lover it to 0 no matter if u have 10 20 or 30 poiseif you are facetanking mage skills you will not get fked up and trashed aroun hard, you will be just fked up and trashed aroun ....

  5. Uhhh, first salt game, got multiple questions about levelling:

  6. Actually you can test this by a colored bag icon in your equipment screen. Hover over a piece of armor if it would change your rolling/equipment tresshold it will change color along with the other stat changes. Gold icon is fast roll bellow 50%, bronze/brown is slower roll over 50%.

  7. memory overload when trying to enter Gran Soren (using the remaster textures)

  8. Maybe a sandbox like experience such as

  9. yep thats my cup of tea ... i just dont like the clan members limit, but i guess that can be moded out

  10. Dodging enemy fighters' bullets requires more skill than bombing. Normally, unless enemy fighters harass bomber, bomber can get at least one kill. When someone play ground acade, and spawns a bomber, most hard and annoying thing is enemy fighter. Maybe some SPAAs. As you know, ground arcade shows a lot of enemies when a guy is flying, so finding enemy is easy, with bombing circle, bombing is easy, just need to think about the bomb fuse. Without enemy fighters or SPAAs, heavy bombers get a lot of kills.

  11. Think why your comments are downvoted. Others don't think this as a problem. And, as you know, Gaijin didn't fix big problems like spawn campers, various bugs, etc. This is not a problem at all, and crater glitch(You said tank stuck there because of physics problem.), that is small problem compared to that spawn campers and various bugs.

  12. well i dont care about karma, i just wanted to explain my point

  13. Oh no!!!!!!! 3 whole minutes for a match!!!!!! Don’t you realise people that complain about queue times are the reason for the 1.0 uptiers thus making this game not balanced.

  14. this is not complaint about queue, but balance of that match ... if its complaint then its about this game being dead maybe since there is newer more than 20ppl at any BR at any time queued

  15. ranking badges that you get above your head ... what is the flag and what are the swords ?

  16. If you are a "hardcore lifeskiller" you should have a lot of silver. Just buy a bs tet and use the hammers & crons.

  17. my enhancing city says 19bil in cash and 72bil in enhancing stuff hoarded over the time ... so i could do that, but more asking in general, should i just sell what i have hoarded for garantee cash and then buy or should i use the resources and enhance, i cant decide so im still hoarding :)

  18. Until they make a way to sell failstacks for silver, you may as well enhance at least a little. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing - sell some, enhance some using free materials, otherwise they’re just going to waste.

  19. ye im realizing that ... im making notes on what is and isnt worth spending FS/mats on and how muchso far im overspending FS on ships tho cause grinding the stones for ships is pain in the arse anbd im saving coins for other stuff

  20. i would rather see the mediah part 2 aka the palce under mediah and above the hidden mountain region you are refering to, ... hell they should be revealed together in one single expansion

  21. Going to necro this topic but you can do multiple mythic paths at the same time with toybox (but some path combinations don't work). For example you can definitely do Azata and Angel at the same time and all of the quests, dialogue and features work fine (Just finished the game doing this).

  22. Just give the mystic talent directly to your hero. Under party tab open the feat and let you show all of them to you. The tool need some sec to load them. Use the search window to find the talent you want and just add it. The names are all in english. If you use an other language go to a wiki or Youtube site to learn their names.

  23. story + endless dungeon with scaling dificulty, each floor harder and harder to the point that yo uwill not be able progress further :)

  24. dosnt help, from unstable 30 im at unstable 35 .....still unplayable

  25. It's still Anomaly, nothing newer than that really. You can download a modpack, or spend a ridiculous amount of time on ModDB like me. There's also a new remake of Anomaly in development called "

  26. im the ModDB mod rat, so usualy i spend more time moding tahn playing so now im looking for some "big thing" that i would just plug in and play (while forcing myself to not look for other mods so i can actualy play)

  27. oh and i was thinking taht after like 6 chat bans i had gotten perma chat ban or something :)

  28. anyone realy, it feels lonely to be sitting there nad just play games like Elden Ring for 200h+ without seeing live person

  29. good, means alot of things are actualy competetive, just fix the death curse and we are golden

  30. just remove the art of war on the one weapon and make it passive thing (death buildup on hit, just like poison) done ... ok fix the bleed too BUT leave my shield interaction untact :) its just too much fun and not realy problem in PvP

  31. get the frenzied flame and then cosplay "i got rid of my tatoos",

  32. You think 10 million runes an hour is intended?

  33. for new people that just want ot have fun or just have EZer paly, they can farm and be more powerfull, which is great, dont forget how many non-souls players this game has gathered

  34. judging by the lack of any similar weapon on the wiki, i would say that this is pure mob-weapon, aka dosnt drop, dosnt exists for the player, i wish im wrong

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