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  1. I really do love their relationship and I'm glad it's one of the things that has stayed consistent throughout the show.

  2. Flu like symptoms which is good news. He's out for the rest of the game

  3. He's still in there so this must be one long poop

  4. I’m not saying he should be above getting scratched but like why did it have to be tonight? Like just wait a game does it really matter at this point?

  5. And he isn't even that much of a hindrance to the team. The scratch was meant as a wake up call and it could have been done the game before or the game after.

  6. He's too honest with his takes and the way he talks with the media probably means he won't be working with the organization anytime soon.

  7. I thought it was sick how Angelina used Grace's memory to trick Ben and Cal like that

  8. I'm going to give the show one more shot before I call it quits. I really disliked season 2 and my decision has nothing to do with Henry Cavill leaving. If season 3 is good then I'll be there for season 4.

  9. Yeah that first half was embarrassing. Playing like that almost never works so it was a little nice to see they changed up tactics in the second half. It was a much better effort from Iran and at least they tried something so I'm not too disappointed as a fan. Honestly it was a tall task anyway but I'm happy they didn't get embarrassed and put in a good effort in the end.

  10. Can't be disappointed with the second half effort

  11. If you were the Iranian team’s coach, what changes would you do the line up for the 2nd half?

  12. Take off Azmoun and bring in a midfielder which is exactly what he did

  13. Sending Podkolzkin is the right decision. He has been ineffective this season so hopefully he can get lots of playing time down there. Same thing with Rathbone because it's always better to play 15-20 minutes a night instead of sitting in the press box.

  14. He was incredibly naive. Say what you want in private, but why share that with the press? It is a guarantee that this will be the reaction.

  15. Yeah he said he regretted those words afterwards in another interview. He said he was speaking emotionally and chose poor words. It's all silly banter though in the end

  16. Everyone needs to chill. Herdman's comments aren't the reason why Croatia beat us.

  17. Croatia are a very organized experienced team and their midfield trio is probably the best in the tournament. Would have had to have been almost perfect to beat them today.

  18. Yeah not sure what everyone was expecting today. I would have liked a little bit of a better effort defensively but Croatia is a world class team.

  19. Okay maybe I can feel a little comfortable with this lead

  20. Still not feeling comfortable with this lead

  21. Yeah man I thought it was gonna be a bad day after they tried to rebound Luka's first free throw attempt.

  22. Now I'm crying over my cat who passed away almost 4 years ago 😥

  23. I'll fill out my apology form for GK Hosseini who had a great game today.

  24. Man that offside shouldn't have happened. It was super simple for the player to hold up his run for a second there. Should've just been an easy tap in, so frustrating.

  25. Melissa said their last scene together was their last scene ever. I don't see her wanting to take part in any further TWDU shows the way AMC shafted her by moving the Daryl spinoff to France. And what an unimaginative name for the spinoff "Daryl Dixon"

  26. Norman also said in his interview that it isn't the last we will see of these two.

  27. And Melissa literally said on Talking Dead after the finale that it was their final scene together.

  28. Well yeah because it was but that doesn't mean there is no possibility of them filming one final scene for the spin-off show.

  29. Should've been three penalties in the first half. Canada was just incredibly unlucky

  30. Yo hold the phone, apparently the back-pass that resulted in an off-side for Canada thereby cancelling a potential PK actually came from Hazard. Unbelievable

  31. Yeah man that should've been a penalty. No idea how the refs didn't see that that was a clear giveaway by Hazard.

  32. I'm not in Canada at the moment so an international panel on Astro Channel.

  33. Cool that they're showing Canada soccer highlights on the Jumbotron.

  34. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell will never live it down if the Jazz pull a Leicester City.

  35. Oh man that would be a great story.

  36. Maybe out another 2-4 weeks for us regular people with that sort of injury but the fact he's doing on-court stuff is a good sign.

  37. Juancho had a great game. Maybe not much to show on the boxscore but he had good energy and played great defense.

  38. Knocking down a few shots would be great too

  39. Yup he had a couple good looks. Hopefully he'll hit those with some more consistent playing time.

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