1. Not a prevention but it is a bit scary to know that any medical doctor treating you can look up your complete prescription history and see every item you have purchased.

  2. That is my biggest gripe with this program, along with the stigma some doctors still carry. I've been turned away from three psychiatrists because of MMJ usage and have little hope of finding one that accepts it - unless I just stay with my current one. It's total BS, and that's just getting started on the issues I've had with doctors and MMJ :/

  3. Would you really want to be treated by a psychiatrist who is against MMJ?

  4. Oh hell no. I was treated by one who was against MMJ and it didn't end well (for me, anyway).

  5. I have an amazingly understanding and progressive psych doctor If you're near enough check out Dr. John Vraicu in Belden Village (Canton General Psychiatry)

  6. Thank you! That is actually fairly close. Absolutely will take a look.

  7. Stock pads are good 99% of the time with FTW3's honestly, but if you really need them try kritpads. They stock pre-cut pads for the 3090 FTW3.

  8. I mean that’s not really blooms fault that they don’t do returns, that’s standard throughout most of not all dispensaries in Ohio. It’s super inefficient but that’s definitely Grow Ohio’s defect so hopefully they can rectify that for you.

  9. We're you ever able to get this situation resolved? I'm curious how they respond

  10. I cited the rule to Zen Leaf, but they would still not accept an exchange. They told me it is "against state law" to exchange it. I asked them to cite the law but they never did. That was after a complaint with the board was filed.

  11. This is ridiculous. As much as you guys pay for that stuff you should get every last crumb. I've steered away from concentrates because of all these post about leaking containers.

  12. It's honestly sad, yeah. The worse part, imo, is the days though. Used last three on this right here. I hate losing the money, but at least I can make that back :/

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