1. dude after i broke through, my mushroom trips and lsd trips flipped. i wish i was joking, i don’t understand the phenomena whatsoever but pretty much, the geometric patterns that i’d get on acid, i was experiencing on shrooms. the wave like swirls id get off shrooms, id get on acid. it was like the trips visually flipped and it has been amazing. the best part is, no matter how much shrooms i take now, it’s never overwhelming. my buddy who is a huge cultivator in oakland made these really potent truffle chocolates (they were delicious, and i ate two boxes because of how good they tasted)

  2. Samesies- well shapes are no longer organic with shrooms, lsd or mdma. After dmt, all my visuals are geometric and I bet if you analyzed the patterns…mathematically perfect. DMT has changed the game for psychedelics

  3. Aweee sorry, but said FWB has returned to his position and has been excelling at his “job”. 😮‍💨

  4. He’s not. He’s just ghosting me for some unknown reason. He has no idea how good he had it.

  5. I had a similar experience. My eyes are open, for better or worse, I am no longer blissfully unaware.

  6. Most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day

  7. It's 2023, no one needs to define their shit anymore. If you want to suck duck while high do it. So long as its consensual it's no one else's business. Be fluid dude

  8. If true, big if there, but if so, the feds are more than likely the ones cutting shit with fent. Population control for their less desired crowd. If they imported plane fulls of blow and flooded the streets with crack back then, who’s to say they haven’t graduated to cutting with fent?

  9. It’s good times, just did it last night. DMT Thursday night and DMT and mushies Saturday night. I also took dmt hits throughout the mushie trip. Friggin fantastic. Was great. Would recommend. 10/10

  10. It’s was funny af. I was like hell yeah! Pizza!

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  13. You made it easy for me to get off last night THANK YOU

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