1. I 100% agree. Remember when Research Breakthroughs had legendaries??

  2. Are the shiny odds boosted on this event? I caught 2 shiny kirlias

  3. IVs aren’t great, though it’s attack is decent. Which form do you prefer?

  4. I’d love to see a series set in the Gamma Quadrant. I’m immensely curious to see how the Dominion has developed with Odo’s influence, how you can begin to repair something like what the Dominion has done to the species it enslaved.

  5. Definitely Taurus. Yet another puke green. Why not white and/or black?

  6. Bug net. Reward from one of the timed challenges for this week's bug event

  7. Electivire is one I regret evolving. Electabuzz looked delightfully like the Cheetos Tiger. Electricity just doesn’t have enough of an orange to continue the fun.

  8. Anything in lazy puke green. Especially Chansey, Machop/Machoke/Machamp, Ekans, Onix, Misdreavus…

  9. I recommend Relativity and The Omega Directive for interesting/different feeling episodes from average Voyager episodes.

  10. So hard to catch! I kept having a hard time even reaching it. It was FAR away.

  11. I got one throw and it took off! I gave it a golden berry and had a good throw and bye bye

  12. Congrats! Next time when hosting a raid, use the PokeGenie app. It makes the raiding experience, both hosting and joining, significantly easier and helps you understand IVs a lot more

  13. It was the Pokegenie app. It was the worst experience I’ve had with it by far, especially when doing a legendary raid. I wondered if people didn’t want to stay because it wasn’t weather boosted. I have no idea how else to explain multiple players backing out.

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