1. Great job!! By any chance, do you take requests or commissions?

  2. Lmao why the watermark? No one is even going to try and steal that

  3. We can only hope. I see they also removed his unsourced claim that bengals players are calling it ‘burrowhead stadium’ although that’ll probably work its way back indirectly through a pft article or something

  4. Yeah I hope they put a filter on screening out future posts from this clown's Twitter. Once in a blue moon he posts a neat little fact that doesn't get tweeted elsewhere (usually from something mentioned on TV), but those are far outweighed by his daily crap of stealing content from local/beat reporters and posting it as if he broke the news himself.

  5. I figured someone should post the actual source tweet instead of posting Dov Kleiman's -- sorry, I mean Billy Spikes' -- cheap editorializing of it.

  6. This is Reddit, nephews making edgy memes about religion is practically the national pasttime on here

  7. Flame blades are wonderful because they keep you warm in cold areas if you're holding one, and they also work as a torch to melt blocks of ice

  8. Why would you post Dov Kleiman instead of the @JFowler report he's literally copying from?

  9. That time I saw three older trainees corner a DS and bitched him out/called scumbag because he lied during a CID investigation to cover his own ass. We all wanted to do it. They did it.

  10. Did you check the last sentence of the post? 😉

  11. I absolutely love Hutch, and if Sauce didn't exist then he'd definitely be the heavy favorite this year, but Sauce just had a transcendent season among all CBs, not just rookies. Gotta tip your hat.

  12. Funnily enough Amazon never got rights for Silmarillion, Tolkien Estate sold them rights to LoTR trilogy + appendices in Return of the King only, nothing more

  13. Shhh don't interrupt his ranting with facts

  14. She's about as good as Dave Bautista which Reddit raves about

  15. I'm sure you'll get downvoted for it, but yeah they both parlayed their muscles and wooden expressions into starring roles. And that's okay!

  16. It is with great sadness that MSG Joesph Kapacziewski had passed today, an absolute inspiration to us all after losing part of his leg in Iraq and then returning to his unit to train and deploy again. Hope you’re at peace.

  17. I, too, bear the scars of watching Jupiter Ascending. We should make some type of trauma group just for people that have seen that movie. I do have a question, though. After seeking the movie I can not for the life of me figure out the plot or premise. I remember something about how a dude was actually like some big dog that Jupiter wanted to bang really badly, something briefly about bees, stephen hawking on the moon and that Jupiter was his mom not-mom, a space wedding, dogman is actually some type of programmed robot that used to have wings that wants to be a real boy yet Jupiter likes it freaky like that, Newt from fantastic beasts talking about his mommy issues while sounding like he’s on life support but still smokes 6 packs a day, and I cannot understate how much Jupiter wants to bone a tin can Pinocchio dog bird thing.

  18. Guess they didn’t learn anything from Avengers

  19. What was the original post? It apparently got removed by Reddit for a copyright notice?

  20. I eventually found them. Thank god for a two ncos who gave a shit about the issue and me. They spent 3 hours looking across the post for the luggage. Definitely push these issues up. My nco was just as livid about the room and the baggage issue and was pushing it straight to brigade. I was fed the same thing as “remodeled” too. I’m not turning in my paper and signing for anything until it’s fixed.

  21. Where did you end up finding it? Was it in a distribution building, or did it get delivered to the wrong dude?

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