1. Man it’s sad to see E3 go down like this it’s something I watched and looked forward to every year it was like Christmas for gamers at least I have my memories that’s something that can’t be taken away

  2. Let this deal go through quick I want Sony to move on and give us a massive Showcase it’s long overdue

  3. That’s strange I have the PS Plus Essential version and I’m still able to download this

  4. I’m here once again asking for Kena

  5. Omg I'm overwhelmed I don't even know what game I wanna start first it's a good problem to have tho

  6. I love how Sony highlight these little hidden gem indies first Stray and now this I really hope we continue getting day 1 releases

  7. I’m starving for a PlayStation Showcase please Sony feed us

  8. What a nightmare draw but to be Champions we gotta beat the best teams nothing good worth having in life ever comes easy Come on City 💙

  9. Another massive W I’m getting so much bang for my buck keep it up Sony and you will have me subbed for a very long time

  10. Can you please remember these months when an average month comes by later this year?

  11. Oh don’t you worry I’ll remember and I’ll be just as thankful for the games as I am now

  12. Simply don't use incognito, and go into your search history

  13. What if I deleted my search history as I don’t wanna get caught 🙄

  14. I couldn't figure it out if it's extra or essential game plan.

  15. It will be available for all 3 tiers

  16. That’s a massive W I really hope Sony continue to give us day one games every now and then

  17. You mean the games for Extra? If so no they haven’t they will be announced tomorrow

  18. Yes the full list will be announced tomorrow

  19. Let me ask y’all a question When do you guys think we’ll get the PlayStation Showcase 🤔

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