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  1. Different enemies to fight, but I feel like there'll be one more hero (winter soldier) and more aim bots

  2. I’ve gave up a long time ago with the klaw raid because I’ll always end up crashing with the blue screen. The one time I actually got it to work the whole team dropped out in the part with the giant spider. Also I’m wondering why should I get to 175 if we’re just going to keep fighting aim bots?

  3. Wild Hunt with silver and double stacked V8. Closes I'll get to the Razor Cola (Interceptor V.2) in Fury Road.

  4. God, even in Lawler's prime, that match would be awful to watch.

  5. Yeah no disrespect to Jerry, but he would not have been my choice in this situation. Universe mode randomly chooses who to fued with Undertaker when this triggers. It was worse for me to believe that Yokozuna could lose clean to Lawler in the match I played to get this cutscene to play.

  6. There used to be one that would pop up randomly in 2K16, but I haven't seen it in '19 or '22. It would help with booking alot if we could have it as an choice in '23.

  7. No CC is shut down completely but you’ll still be able to use any caws you’ve downloaded before then.

  8. I remember in WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy you could legit knock people out with punches and kicks to the head if you enabled KO in the settings

  9. That was the best and they would also do a lil twitch while some random lady screams

  10. It's the WWF Warzone and Attitude gameplay updated in '22. The arcade feel is fun for a while but doesn't satisfy the wrestling feel of matches.

  11. Um that is local play local co op vs bots is only online there is no couch co op for online yet

  12. There is no couch co-op at all except 1v1, that's cool and all but what about 2v2 local play with bots or at least some word.

  13. They are working on adding more Couch Co-Op Support but that will be coming sometime in the future, no ETA or planned time frame yet but they do want to improve Local Play.

  14. Have you gotten the arm, leg, or rib injury yet? It normally happens when their at moderate damage.

  15. This one is a head injury but I haven’t gotten any arm, leg injuries just yet

  16. If you want to ever try it use the corner and ropes when they're leaned against it. You can target limbs and continue to beat on the legs or arms, and I've noticed the cutscene triggers when the injured wrestler is in a match with a non rival.

  17. Most of my promos are difficult due to the time you have to respond but I do try to create a story from that and just run with imagination lol. Good shit btw love some heel work.

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