1. When I was in TV news I was busy, two stories a day, five days a week.

  2. My broadcast days taught me how to figure out a story quickly. I think it is something missing from a lot of "pretty" b-roll YouTubers. Practice shooting a story so that when you get dropped somewhere and the client doesn't really know what they want, you are able to piece something together with what is in front of you with limited time.

  3. Final Fantasy Spirits Within. It was awful if you expected Final Fantasy, but if you ignored that, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't the best movie of all time, but certainly not the worse. Change the title and it was very okay.

  4. The world it was set in just felt so empty and the ending was dissapointing.

  5. I saw this high on HBO and cried several times during this movie. Unfortunately it doesn't hold up now- but its cute.

  6. Clint Eastwood is our angry old man. I remember he was OLD in the movie the Unforgiven and that was released in 1992!

  7. My clients don't want to touch shit and don't want to worry about anything. I have clients with webflow sites happily paying me $800 a year to have a website that they don't think about. I charge them hourly when they want site changes. They could pay for hosting themselves but would rather think about their business than the site.

  8. I have a local digital marketing agency. I specialize in small and medium-size businesses in my city. My main business is commercials for Facebook and Adwords. But many of my clients coming to me have very poor or dated webpages. God help me if I see another wordpress site that hasn't been updated in 5 years. I will design the sites using webflow and if they have a lower budget I will use Wix. Webdesign is not my favorite thing to do so I often will contract out the website development. Once they have a site up we start running ads. I always include a website annual management fee for the recurring revenue. The number of companies that had their friend or uncle build them a site is staggering. These are the lowest-hanging fruit. I assure you these companies have money to spend on these projects and it will lead to much bigger projects. I did a regional medical center site for a ridiculous amount of money because they saw a site I did for a local Chiropractor.

  9. Yea but a YouTuber told me the gh5 autofocus is worthless so unfortunately that camera is officially unusable and trash

  10. ... it can't keep up with me on my electric skateboard as I go to get coffee and a tattoo. I only shoot Sony. Micro four thirds in for the poors.

  11. My advice is set a time. I will shoot family events and such but will only shoot for a short period of time. I'll shoot maybe 30 or 40 minutes to get the vibe and people but then I put the camera down and enjoy myself. I shot my brother in laws 50th birthday with an anamorphic lens and it turned out to be this remarkable piece that everyone loves. I shot for 30 minutes and then joined the party. I'm a big believer in shoot as much as you can to stay sharp, and shoot memories. I have had a camera since I was in 7th grade in 1987 and look back at all my footage fondly.

  12. Rowdy! I’ve ridden with Ross in Moab

  13. I love how it has the classic ABS light shining nice and bright!

  14. Badge of honor. Honda dealer said they didn't have anything they could connect to identify the fault.

  15. Yeah, it was a really cool drive. He picked up an S2000 and NSX at prepandemic prices.

  16. I use an iPad pro for reframing and then export files to Final Cut Pro.

  17. Importing files via wifi between Insta and iPad ?

  18. If it’s that urgent I’d recommend side gigging, like food delivery or something. I’ve worked several odd jobs to get enough clientele where i didn’t have to anymore. Video turn around is often long, so finding the clients, booking the shoot, doing the job and getting paid out…well that’s a lot to happen in two weeks.

  19. This, doordash or something. Building a new relationship or trying to find someone who needs video immediately is tough. Plus what if they don't pay on time- or do net30 like every company.

  20. Same. We have a switch that my kids play once in a while. My stadia is my only console that I play myself. I use my TV, iPad, and rarely my iMac.

  21. My imac used to be great, but lately it won't let the game stay full screen. Its weird.

  22. i really want to try primitive brewing but their prices are super intimidating for something i'm not 100% sure i'll like

  23. It's worth trying it. Very different then traditional beer. I like the funk.

  24. I'm in Longmont and Craigslist works best for me. I have found some really great people, make sure you put it in the Gigs section. Sharegrid also has the place to list gigs.

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