1. I canceled all of mine last month and do not regret it at all. I was getting so much junk which was just filling up my drawers and taking up space. Congratulations!!

  2. I'm canceling after my summer box too, my last mystery bundle was so disappointing that I want nothing to do with them completely. I got all junk from it and now I'm done with them, nothing from my last box is anything I use and currently collecting dust too. I looked at the Spring spoilers and wow another disappointment, I don't think I can use or want anything.

  3. I like watching The Watcher, the guys are Ryan and Shane and they use to be on Buzzfeed. They're a lot of fun to watch . Shane is the Skeptic while Ryan is the believer

  4. Mine is the opposite. Doesn’t matter what I do on the app it says invalid email/password. I have changed it 5+ times. So frustrating!

  5. I'm having the same issue, i can't log in any of my devices, I feel bad because I wanted to respond back to a nice seller but can't. I wrote CS and got advice to try all the methods I already tried. I'm starting to think I shouldn't be buying anything there, clearly it's a sign😂

  6. My sister hasn't had a account with them in over 2 years and they charged her for the winter box ( nope she didn't get it) . She disputed it with her bank

  7. I just canceled all subscriptions ( I had 2 plus the newest life style box) it's difficult to cancel by the way. I had to cancel thru CS which I'm hoping will work. My reasons for canceling was I found I never used anything , it's all just piling up. I have a few other subscriptions I like more and use products from them instead.

  8. Ohhh, lol. Pity I'm a shower person, ack I guess I'll just donate this thing . thanks everyone!

  9. This came in my mystery bag today. It's a mystery alright, i haven't a clue what it is . It came in a small bag with no description of what is is except cleaning directions ( spot clean with water and hang dry) . I see theres's a couple of suction cups and something I can blow it up ( I tried blowing it up but nothing happened, lol) but what is this for?

  10. Awww so sweet, 😍I gave mine to my dog too, he thought it was a chew toy😣 I wish mine was as happy with it as yours

  11. My dog thought it was a new toy for him and ran off with it to chew on it. I had to grab it from him and place it in his bed so he could sleep on it. It's too small for the couch so it's his now

  12. I noticed that a label was created for half my order and the other is listed as Pending. That's it I'm done. I wrote to CS and asked for a refund for that half ( totaling 175) and to please refund me my next 2 boxes because I want to be completely done with them. Tired of this nonsense .

  13. Lol me too, i hope it's not too tiny, but it will be nice to try it out . really into Candles and have joined a few candle subscriptions boxes, I'm addicted to them

  14. Candle subscriptions??? PLEASE TELL ME MORE!!! I was going to ask the what’s and the who’s about it but a link will be just fine. Lol

  15. I'm about ready to cancel also!!! They seem to be screwing up more and more!! I'm tired of getting empty bottles of perfume sent to me, and empty boxes!! I'm thinking of trying a different company!

  16. Yep sadly the writing is on the wall, so tired of being lied to and hoping they send me items I paid for

  17. I got my scent flurry bag today, and the define me fragrance was completely empty, AGAIN!!! That's like the third or fourth one like that! This last bag there was a missing item also!! The time before that the box was empty!! I'm so over ipsy!! They better not tell me they are out of stock again!!

  18. Smh they seriously need to get their act together, it's only driving us away

  19. I love Unhide items, so happy to see them confirmed! Hoping we can also get some blankets to add as add ons. Really like all of these choices, this will definitely be a box I'll be looking forward to

  20. So very sorry for your loss 😓, you give him such a wonderful adventurous life! His pictures were so adorable and he for sure will be following in spirt on all your future trips

  21. Mine still says “shipping September 2022” 😭

  22. I had it in my basket till I saw what was it in, definitely a pass for me. Spending 90 dollars for only one thing I'd what ( the socks, lol) is ridiculous. Lots of people in the forum said they'd pass( well they did say it a couple of hours ago, are there lots drooling over it now???) how disappointing, I saw last's years and it look great plus it was cheaper, this year it's crap

  23. Mine too, I'm still in the processing phase as well and yet I was charged. I already sent 2 emails to CS but neither have been answered. No email was sent to be regarding a delay. Seems strange because previously they were always quick to send and quick to deliver

  24. I only really want the weekender bag, but I can't justify getting a box just for that, especially with UK tax and shipping :( I'm hoping for a good discount deal later in the season.

  25. I got the weekender bag, it's ok but definitely not worth the full price, it's very lightweight and the straps are cheap looking. It's currently gathering dust in a closet but hopefully I'll get to use it soon to see how well it holds up. Actually the thing I loved the most is the vegetable chopper, wow it chops great

  26. I just signed up for another box because of this promo, I'm so weak but ummm a free blow dryer brush? Heck yeah

  27. Do you like all of those colors? Which is your favorite? I have a few of the silvers but would like other colors.

  28. Yeah I put the blanket in my cart and before remembering I've seen it in better sales at 15 dollars so I quickly dropped it

  29. Sadly my box didn't come with them despite the fact that I don't need them I still wanted them :(

  30. I got that box too, pretty happy with it. I think the Iconic London comes in a very pretty pallet and like the eyeshadow pallet too. I find it funny though that they said the beauty blenders were 40 dollars for the 2, wtf? Grossly over inflated but whatever, it's not like I was charged that price for them.

  31. I got one from the last sale. It had the Ouai scrub, the samara crossbody, an ab wheel, the grace and Stella eye mask, the whish mask and the billion dollar brow eye kit. I love the Ouai scrub and was hoping for it, was curious about the bag but ended up dropping it for my annual sub box, so I’m happy to give it a go. I’ll use the brow kit tools and it’s a reputable brand. The whish mask and grace and Stella are equal to generic quality to me (made in China, repackaged/rebranded products with little to no quality or efficacy control). I’ve only ever seen them in subscription boxes and I already have an established skincare routine so I won’t use them. Not all junk though :)

  32. Oh great so almost everything with the exception of the crossbody ( I got the shampoo set) I got in my last box 🙈

  33. Woot? Really? Hmmm good to know, I'll check it out thanks

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