1. Hi - will there be a new challenge soon for summer? I'm thinking of maybe joining in next time :)

  2. 1.) that sort of grunge-esque look with smudged out/smoked out black liner and grey shadow, and a matte base.

  3. Where do you live? If you'd like I can buy some and then send it to you.

  4. I'm in England and it's so sweet of you to offer but it's okay I just need to exercise my patience haha :)

  5. Don't worry about being late! I'm still lurking in this series and love reading everyone's answers :)

  6. Roen 52° Cool Palette - Touching the shadows and smearing them on my eyes is like sensory therapy for me. And they wear off so beautifully.

  7. It's a 5x magnification round mirror with a light around it (portable, rechargeable). It was one of those things I was very hesitant to buy, but once I got it... I couldn't imagine living without it anymore lol. The light is very neutral, not too warm or cool (you can also adjust the brightness). It has a sensor, so the light turns on and off automatically. The fact that I can do my makeup whenever and wherever now is just so convenient. The battery is amazing, I only need to charge it twice per year. The 5x magnification is perfect, it's so much easier to do precise makeup (eyes, lips) with it. The only minor negative is that it is slightly concave, so if you move too far away from it - you loose focus a bit. However... they are also selling another version, that has 1x, 5x and 10x magnification all in one, so if you get that one, then it won't be an issue. Oh and if you like to pick your skin like me... that mirror is the devil lol. You can see everything in it!

  8. If you don't mind could link or tell me the name of model you have? It sound amazing but at that prices I want to make sure I'm getting one that someone has touched for :)

  9. I mostly learned by watching tutorial videos and experimenting on my own. Thankfully Temptu’s instagram has a lot of educational videos to watch. There’s a learning curve but once you get used to it, it’s super easy to use.

  10. It sounds so cool! I'm definitely going for end up doing a YouTube deep dive in it!

  11. Oh where are you from? I have 3 of their cheekpops. Black Honey, Nude Pop, and I forget the name of the last one but it's the purple-pink. Really recommend all 3!

  12. I'm in the UK where we only seem to have 4 shades available: Peach Pop, Melon Pop, Ginger Pop and Pink Pop.

  13. They're pretty similar - similar finish and buildability. I think the phyto might be a touch creamier.

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