1. I know about the arena changes. They actually made it easier to hit tier 21.

  2. So what you’re saying is arena isn’t that hard… half of the time, or most of the time if you spend your entire monthly orb income all on legendary banners or open your wallet

  3. Don't orb shame the homie. Some people want a copy of every hero and them summoning on legendary units just aligns with the new change. If people didn't spend money on this gacha game, do you really expect for Nintendo to bother keeping it alive?

  4. Nobody said anything about orb shaming? It’s your own disposable income, you can do whatever you want with it as long as it’s responsible spending. The discussion is whether T21 arena is “easy” rn, which it absolutely is not if you have to pull for every new legendary and have a sizable collection of old legendaries as well

  5. It better be some hopped up unit with an op moveset to crush the competition since it’s taken this long.

  6. The only what without an alt? If you’re talking about protags then there’s still Nate, Elio and Selene

  7. Mauvier is the only hound that’s even remotely likeable and doesn’t look like a deviantart OC so I hope he won’t be a demote / GHB

  8. Definitely do not merge Ophelia as she is a Rearmed character. Rearmed characters have the ability to give skills to other characters without losing them. In other word I can give Ophelia's skill (like Special Spiral 4) to another character (skill exclusive to Infantry/Armor movement) and still keep the Ophelia.

  9. Don’t you have to merge her for skill duplication once you use up her fodder?

  10. She needs the power up of the mega. Without mega is bit weak but usable

  11. Her mega doesn’t matter at all for an outrage build. I personally would go for that instead of Draco meteor as physical dragon dps is rare

  12. Yeah, definitely. And they're always saving for the same old tired 3H characters 99% of the time. Though now we'll see a shift in people saving for Engage characters. Regardless, I get real sick of Archanea and Jugdral being punching bags for people's negativity and "who" comments.

  13. I hate to break it to you but there are the old tired 3H characters on the spring banner

  14. Hello. Welcome to marketing, you need some content for VE re runs. Thats why tierno and the carrot head guy were jailed in the NPC jail. Till kalos villain event re run. People who already owns maxie and archie, can go after rest of officers. Did you notice that Unova VA missed lot of important characters like Professor juniper, or plasma officers.

  15. Sycamore is too nice to be a Scout main. I can see him maining Medic or Heavy

  16. One big flaw, literal god was like "yea i'm cool with your kid coming along." What are Jean's parents supposed to say to that? That they know better than god?

  17. it's not because it's a gacha game that we should put our heads in the mud and accept anything they do

  18. wdym? Reruns in feh are pretty arbitrary. For legendaries and mythicals they come back every 3 months or so, units on new hero banners gets rerun once in legendary/mythical banners and that’s about it

  19. I played with the water/steel type twice. Removed the steel mons/energy for electric I pulled in packs. Dondozo and Tatsugiri combo was OP. Get it set up quick and start slapping.

  20. Dondozo and Tatsugiri are balanced by the lack of discard options in the deck. I believe you only get 1 ultra ball and research unless you happen to pull any from packs

  21. that conversation was hilarious. i don't think i've ever seen that many death flags crammed into so few lines of dialogue

  22. The gibberish he typed somehow still makes more sense than some of the posts I've read on this subreddit...

  23. Miserable experience with this unit.

  24. T20-21 is like 10% of feh’s player base at most (aka whales or diehards), it is in no way a indication that the banner had strong sales overall.

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