1. Only study in universities accredited by the ministry of education , no matter what

  2. He did something very smart. Leaving with such drama. Released a book. Capturing media attention and gaining income from all the publicity. The monarchy will only last for so long and he making coin while the world still cares. I Dont feel sorry for him but he definitely deserves empathy. He lived a life of great privilege but that also opened him up to experiences no child should have gone through.

  3. Are you financially independent? Then yes please go ahead and travel . How powerful is your dad? He would have to be pretty influential to block you from leaving the country unless they lie to the police that you were involved in some criminal activity. My mom was the same way too, raised hell and abused at the mere mention of me even wanting to cross emirates. I just stayed resilient and its much better now. Our parents generally do this as fear motivates them. Could be fear of the world hurting their precious boy, fear of losing you to bad friends / romantic relationships, fear of having you get out of hand ( notorious in our communities cuz our parents love control). I sat with my mom and had a calm conversation with her saying that I will leave and come back because the world is too big and too beautiful for me not to explore it. Good luck

  4. Extremely popular, groupon sells them for about 199 per session and no more or very fine hair growth after that. Very good if your genes causes bear like neck hair growth

  5. Out of curiosity’, what does national bonds do ?

  6. National Bonds offers UAE Government Backed Bonds = you borrow the UAE Government money for a certain time and get interest on that investment. (This is very simplified)

  7. So I could buy a bond for 1000 aed and Leave it alone for Multiple year's and get returns?

  8. Pay a professional to do your cv , apply to another job , learn negotiation tactics for interviews, start aiming to be in management.

  9. All psychology research is actually Me-search . Freud had a funky relationship with him mom , Eric Erickson literally removed his father name from his own , …. All of them learnt about psychology because of intrinsic motivation in something in themselves that needed to be understood . Please remind your brother that a core condition of Psychology is empathy, and his display of hate/ bla bla is coming from a place of judgement, total opposite of what empathy is .

  10. Congratulations to him and no

  11. Just checked with someone at immigration, university students aren’t eligible anymore (they used to be till 2018)

  12. I've been to Qatar maybe 6 times since I joined uni

  13. Yup they didn’t ask for hotel booking

  14. I’m really sorry about your husbands experience, being touched without consent is traumatizing and no one deserves to be made uncomfortable for a service they paid to detach from the stressors of life . It would be better to complain to the police right away .

  15. Theres nothing to indicate that it will go back into place after the WC. At this moment you dont need ehteraz nor a PCR test to enter Qatar.

  16. Flight in a day 😅 please tell me some good news

  17. Wait till 23rd of December 2022 when the Hayya entry ceases.

  18. There are actual psychological studies that show people who don’t offend easily or have a sence of humour have a better life. It’s something adults need too . I home your bro maintains his sence of humour. Regarding his girl friend , honestly any intervention from your side will cause problems between you and your brother. Wait for him to ask for help and then just listen to him.

  19. Morally the therapist should tell her. Ethically , huge violation , no threat of direct harm to the client , anyone he knows or a vulnerable person . Also, another violation to track down his girlfriends number and then call her and tell her, especially once again cuz no direct harm . Good way to loose your license in the UK

  20. No such rules , arrange a visa and say you have a proper place to stay while you are here . Tbh they won’t ask a thing

  21. For now , you would earn very well considering you are Arabic speaking + western educated. However your education pathway is questionable, Abu Dhabi is more strict than Dubai for equivalency and medical licenses. My motto in life is try, and if you fail try another way. Things will be very different in the world 7 years from now so there is no way to give you an objective answer but let’s say things are like how it is right now , then you would be successful here. There are offcourse repercussions to practicing here as you would not have pension when you eventually retire or go back to Canada .

  22. Only if the company provides housing .

  23. You might face a penalty for hiring an illegal nanny .

  24. What format is the file? Like what program did you use it write it?

  25. Word document and it says .docx

  26. Tried to email it to yourself?

  27. Can’t drag or drop nothing is happening

  28. That's such a cute flower, love that color!

  29. I really do love it . Never expected it too! Tysm

  30. Ah okay. Do you have access to JSTOR? I assume you're writing a paper for class. Idk about other countries but schools in the US typically come with JSTOR access for students.

  31. Yes writing for class. And no access to JSTOR . I’m in a british uni in Dubai . I know there are limitation for sure but the research is already conducted. However right now I am trying to find psychological rational why drug addicts should be helped , what they respond to ? Neuropsychology aspects of recovery and how it helps

  32. Google Scholar might be your friend then. There's a lot of good conversation going on around addiction and addiction treatment lately, so I might start there just to get a feel for what professionals are even discussing about it lately, then take the key words you notice most to the Google Scholar search bar.

  33. Helps a lot thank you very much

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