2 buses of migrants arrive outside VP Harris’s residence at the Naval Observatory in DC: FOX News

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  1. I have a friend that had a deer jump out in front of him on a downhill and shattered his hip. Creatures be wild!

  2. Not a hot chicken sandwich though.

  3. Recommend listening to the Maintenance Phase podcast for more thoughts on this, and never Joe Rogan.

  4. While I support all of those interventions, it seems to take a run around the problem that obesity is a problem to individual health.

  5. It's been 75 years since then dude... What's your point?

  6. You claimed that China is keeping India and Japan out of being permanent members of the security council when the truth is that the P5 members have never changed*. Modern day politics don't matter because the rules of this game were setup 75 years ago with no real mechanism for changing them.

  7. Maybe so, but the effort to bring reform and include other member states as permanent members has been on for some time. Every time India appeals to be inducted as a permanent member only China has had a consistent problem with it. Thats what I mean by China is keeping India and Japan out.

  8. I suspect that all the other P5 members are just happy to have China play the bad guy. None of them have a benefit in other countries joining the exclusive group, and if China dropped their objection I'm sure we'd see someone else veto.

  9. I’m not really loving the show, either. In addition to Laura not being a great host, the concept itself is weak and limiting and doesn’t push MattY to be better.

  10. Lots of podcasts record a few episodes and then decide later which counts as a practice and which one is the real first show. They probably had been recording episodes for a few weeks before that first one they put out.

  11. This also going to cover emergency generators? Also heat pumps and resistance heating are mad expensive to run. Would like to see more geothermal chilled beam heating but that's a pretty expensive initial cost.

  12. Heat pumps and resistant heat shouldn't be in the same sentence when it comes to operating costs.

  13. What do you mean. Most heat pump systems do have backup resistance heating elements when the heat pump can't meet the system needs, which is especially important in a climate like this.

  14. Heating your house with resistive heat only and using resistive heat as a back up on the coldest days is very different in terms of cost. Also, newer heat pumps operate much better in low temperatures!

  15. My work does summer Fridays where you work 32 hours and take Friday off between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Seems like this sort of thing is very slowly trickling into more companies. Though I work in tech, not GIS these days.

  16. If the bridge is still not built after a decade, does Charlestown become part of Cambridge by adverse possession?

  17. The city regularly paints over the graffiti there. They can’t keep up, but they try. Personally, I think it’s a lost cause and actually makes things look worse.

  18. They got some money to fix up the tower recently, not sure they will open it back up but at least they can keep it from falling apart more.

  19. Take the ferry to Hull and walk to Fort Revere, that would be absolutely perfect.

  20. Immediately thought of this, with the bonus that it is actually reasonable for public transit.

  21. Remind me 10 years ago when their food was good and there were far fewer burrito options

  22. I don't know if it got worse, but the other options have definitely come in and far surpassed it.

  23. Lived 6 years in Fairbanks, literally no different than living most other places

  24. Except a sizable portion of the population lives in dry cabins without running water.

  25. Fuck bike lanes fuck bus lanes and fuck all you who think it’s a good idea. And fuck driving in this city lead by people with two pebbles taped together for a brain. It’s amazing how they felt the need to change roads that barely used to work without these stupid lanes and thought adding them would make them better.

  26. Take the hint, stop trying to drive in the city.

  27. Someone is going to slip and fall then they'll have to spray back on the dirt as part of the legal settlement.

  28. Where did I say I had a problem with bikers? I bike more often than I drive in this city.

  29. I'm sure that one biker will read this post and reform their ways.

  30. Lol! I asked the same question over two years ago now. I used to live down the block from it. I don't often head that way these days, but when I do, I'm absolutely floored that it's STILL NOT COMPLETE!!

  31. Science labs and new luxury apartments that will bring even more traffic to streets and light cycles that don't support the existing amount of cars.

  32. Institute parking maximums instead of parking minimums.

  33. These percentages have consistently been really damn close to the raw percentage of the days that have passed.

  34. I was wondering how long it would take for that spot to be taken now that the building on the other side of Mass Ave is going up quickly.

  35. You will want off street because of no parking during blizzards. I have off street and no garage so I have to shovel, but it’s hell to deal with the winter on street

  36. If by hell you mean a medium inconvenience if you commute, a near non-issue if you are work from home.

  37. Your best (and only totally legit) option is to rent a spot. If you have a free car, ~$100/mo isn't that unreasonable.

  38. Definitely go back to what worked!

  39. Believe it or not…most people are occupied on business days during the week…not wandering about streets to look at overpriced stuff in windows and pay far too much for mediocre at best eating spots. If you want a pedestrian zone…see Downtown Crossing. Not my idea of a desirable situation.

  40. If no one comes to Newbury St during the week, why do the stores even open?

  41. This is too wholesome, I'm just waiting to find out he made some gross tweets 15 years ago.

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