1. I put as many as I could think of and I was admitted to cs and bme.

  2. imo your focus should be learning how to maintain higher grades in physics like you did with your other classes. Even if you in "early" you still have to keep it up

  3. Im so sorry, EDs quickly take people over. How old are you and your sister? Also how is your parents relationship with you both? Its a massive, massive underheloing someone with an ED, and really you need parental rights to stop access to social media etc.

  4. I'm 15, she's 13. Our mother would not understand if I told her and would just blame her more. I don't know how to go about restricting my sisters social media without my mother going through said media

  5. no offense bc this is just a question (I'm sure you're capable of making it into the program) but what happens if you don't make it in? Do you have to wait until 3rd year or do a completely different program

  6. this is crazy did your school's counselors not teach you how to select your courses?

  7. After seeing how Democrats responded to Jan 6th and how they supported political persecution I wish Trump had labeled Black Lives Matters as an insurrectionist group and gone after them. The fact that they took over and occupied entire city blocks would be enough, and the blowback for that would mean every Democrat in office right now would be unable to hold office because of their support to BLM.

  8. "I think this is right. You don't, but I do so you have to live by my moral compass" Forgive me if you've answered this question already but when the mother's life is in danger (a high possibility of death exists if the mother carries to full term) would abortion then be ok? You might say no, but the mothers life is in danger so this is an exception. (Do tell if you think otherwise) However if life begins at conception both the baby and mother are alive. How is it fair or morally correct to kill either?

  9. Somehow it's not seen S racist because we are the wrong kind of black.

  10. Radio was segregated. But Mtv was more open. Mtv had various segments that catered to specific genres.

  11. I think I'd prefer this mtv much more than the current, broadcasting teen pregnancy shows and catfish episodes. thanks for sharing!

  12. These posts are so freaking strange to me. It’s like an anthropologist or historian looking back at something that there’s literally thousand/millions of hours of video, nearly every single song is cataloged online, including where it fell on charts and for How long. It just feels way too soon to be asking “what was it like?”

  13. Again this will not work on someone who thinks that abortion is murder.

  14. Remember when the Black Lives Matters mural was struck by lightning? I like to think that was an act of God.

  15. Was slavery an act of god to put down the blacks into their place below the superior whites?

  16. You know what. Im in the same freaking spot, my friend. I have 1 week left and If I dont make the freaking move im out of here. I feel sorry for you. I hope you have better luck next time.

  17. I've learned my lesson but go ahead and make a friend while you can!! Worse thing is they say no

  18. can u share your functions notes bc i have it next year and im really nervous 😔

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