1. yeah no matter what I do its constantly trying to connect to anything that I try to do.

  2. So.... anyone else crashing on game entry? On Wyrmrest-Accord!

  3. Anyone know how I can beat Chapter 3: Episode 4 [3-7] Tempation?

  4. Can confirm they all work. I believe you get about 6-7k worth of gems and other goodies

  5. I'm using the mobal now. The coverage is decent. Even up in the mountains or across the seas there are coverage. Tunnels remain spotty though.

  6. I guess I can just by it at the haneda airport then right?

  7. I think they have redemption counter. I preordered and paid before I left.

  8. Can't help you there, sorry. I need unlimited data for instantly backing up and sharing photos/videos so I go with portable wifi, and even then go with the cheapest option

  9. Yeah even I want something thats unlimited data. What portable wifi did you use?

  10. My previous two trips I used Global Advanced Communications which cost me about ¥13,000 yen per unit. The trips were both about two weeks long, and the units were shared both times which is what made them cost effective. They were fine, and customer service was helpful and responsive when we needed troubleshooting. They said they'd send us a new one if a full reset of the device didn't work.

  11. Okay I’ll look into this, cause I wanted something with unlimited data and that was pretty fast, so I’ll look into the portable Wi-Fi’s as well. You’ve been really great!

  12. Grinding utguard keep two man is like 1mil exp per hour do that till like 77 then quest. This is my plan as a prot war it might not work for everyone

  13. till 77? pretty sure it falls off after 74 no?

  14. Oh I know, its just funny I have the mount when I don't actually have the mount.

  15. Did you restart your home's power panel?

  16. At this point I should, I should call my Isp and have them restart the whole neighborhoods grid.

  17. I mean considering that all other websites and games are working, I'm pretty sure it's not my internet atm

  18. its back up, apparently I dodged a game too? lmfao 15min CD.

  19. Is there a site for rune guides for RTA builds for each monster? even for Guild Siege and in general. A tier list/comps list as well would be great.

  20. So im on chapter 5 Easy, but I can't unlock Chapter 4 hard, is it because I need to clear Chapter 1 very hard first? its really confusing on how the unlocks work.

  21. So I have three Fated Holy Knight Sigurds, and the two I have are currently level 40. Is their any reason why I can’t merge them to get 40+1?

  22. Remaining boxes for reference/context:

  23. The most expensive ones lmao. I’m in the same boat as you.

  24. Anyone know an amazing anime tattoo artist in Toronto? Trying to get a Rayquaza sleeve done lol

  25. Curtis Rushton at Blvckmoon Tattoo in Mississauga does so.e really nice full color and can do that

  26. So where do you redeem the FF1 reissue login medals? I can't find the shop for the life of me.

  27. shop is available when FF1 rerun starts (next week)

  28. You can buy 5 sets of 40 shards in the shop (10,000 visiore), the shop could spawn some, the random whimsy shops will have at least 3 shards and maybe more, you can farm 1 shard every 12 hours by having 9S in the guild barracks while having the barracks set to shards and not jp, for can finish his challenge board and do his level 40 character quest, you can set the chocobo expedition to the Nier one, and you could pull on his banner but I really wouldn’t do that one. Other than the guild barracks being permanent, you only have the 4 days get his shards the other ways. It takes 600 shards to get him to up to level 102, another 100 to get to level 107, another 100 to get to level 115, and another 200 (total of 1000 shards) to get to level 120.

  29. Yeah that seems rough since I'm saving the visoires for King Mont. I may not do him then since I could never max him out till way later that his shards come up. Any other reccomendations on the units I have? But I feel like actually that would be the same huh.

  30. That’s kinda why I feel like mont is a good choice to keep. His shards only cost gil. I would try to max out your friends list and join a guild. Try to get as many guild and friend tokens you can everyday and invest in one of the units in the friend medal and guild medal mog shop. My recommendation would be Ildyra and Xixa.

  31. appreciate the time you took for the replies! I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll replace Engel with 9S

  32. Where would I actually find build guides? anyone use sites for specific builds and what not?

  33. There’s a specific item you get when you beat the sharpedo

  34. Did you ever figure out how to use it? I have one but not really sure how to evolve something with it

  35. I think he has to hold it, I honestly haven’t tried it yet

  36. Buddy, I’m glad I have amazing parents who would do that for me. No I don’t get to make $150? That would be put back into other products? I could legit do whatever I want with those etbs. I didn’t have the intentions of selling them. Common sense? Yeah leave it for the other scalpers who are flexing 20 etbs on the market place 😂. I think the only person who doesn’t understand is the one who won’t invest their time into something they have a passion for. You just sound pretty upset you didn’t get to rip anything.

  37. So the picture in the car is after you ripped the other stuff? Brought everything home, then went in the car to take a picture of them? Doesn't add up, unless you took a picture of them before getting home, knowing full well you were going to sell them, Or just a took a picture for fun 😂

  38. Everything was already ripped lmao. Y’all just making baseless assumptions at this point

  39. Did you mean the one on burnhamthorpe and erin mills?

  40. There is legit no product anywhere, if you can find Pokémon sitting on a shelf, it’s still a deal

  41. So I have Hero of the Alliance on my Rogue which I gained back in 2011. I want to faction change, but I did see on the

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