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  1. I hate the Tories too but it seems unfair that this bloke was downvoted for simply asking for evidence

  2. Take me back to the tavern in the 1600s please 😆

  3. Welcome to the 1600s! You have a rotting tooth and your choices are to die painfully or have it extracted without anaesthetic. Good luck!

  4. Many of these 'truths' you are told are in-fact a bit off. Yes infant motility was high and there was the occasional plague but when you made it into your teens livability was actually fairly high and a lot more social 😎

  5. At least the high alcohol content would kill any germs in it, right? right?!

  6. Maybe it encourages the usage of universal global variables

  7. We just call those "state management" now, like React, Vuex!

  8. meanwhile carlisle students: does this mean uni is free now

  9. Off topic but damn I hate how easily cars explode these days. Some games you just wanna level a POI with the cow catcher now you gotta find repair tools

  10. chrome the car, it'll repair it after a while of not taking damage

  11. Youth prospect future star teenage sensation jesse lingardinho

  12. The very end of the video above where the cat goes, you can see where the wall ends and there is no roof

  13. I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll always go for the llama if it’s safe to do so since I feel like I have perpetually low ammo.

  14. After reading through this thread, i feel like saying anything good about tailwind is controversial at this point sheesh.

  15. Like with almost any language, framework, library etc mentioned here, you can safely assume that 99% of those who outright claim it "sucks" just suck at using it themselves.

  16. Sites should be created as desktop first not mobile first.

  17. Mobile visits are more common than desktop. I think for my businesses website (cafe) it's about 80% mobile. You have to build for the audience you're getting.

  18. I hated it when Joel died which is exactly the reaction the writers wanted. I was pissed. I was swearing at my TV. I was angry at what happened to Joel and didn’t think he deserved that end.

  19. Yea, TLOU2 is literally in a way most games are not. There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” - just people and a fungus.

  20. I was shocked at how good it was, but maybe I shouldn't have been since the communities online that didn't like it were mostly terrible people. Your summary is great. Maybe The Rattlers are the baddies

  21. What is it with orgs having liberty in their name and banning things that even tangentially disagree with them

  22. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is North Korea's official name lol

  23. God damn corpos man.... applying for a job at a major corporation is like talking to a brick wall

  24. I don't know why anyone aspires to work for places like Amazon. From what I've read it sounds like a toxic work environment even for the better paid staff

  25. If it's android you can use the find my phone feature, either from another android device of their website. It makes it ring

  26. If you just Google Find My Phone and you have a google acc it'll ring

  27. People like Effie Deans exist purely for outrage/clicks. These kinds of posts play into her hands fyi

  28. Dragged through a hedge backwards, was one of my Nan's favourites

  29. I guess you can write people off forever, but Jacobson did sit for a depo against Alex

  30. Sonic 06 was so good that Sega felt that they couldn't one up perfection- and thus no sequel.

  31. they didn't want to kill off the other half of the fanbase through sheer euphoria

  32. So good. In a horrific BtB way, of course. Gareth doing drunk Nixon in the White House might be one of my favorite things ever.

  33. It's my favourite episode series that BTB have done. Dollop were perfect guests with unbelievable comedy timing

  34. People were hating on the Bytes skin but I see it everywhere

  35. OMG, why is this not a gradient color scale?


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