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  2. Tarantino made no mention of race, the dude responding to his comments made it about race lol. It's possible Tarantino enjoyed the quality of writing and direction of that age of cinema. But, Tarantino is clearly a fan of cinema from all over the world, so I doubt he gives a shit about race. I'm sure you'll disagree, but whatever.

  3. maybe you’ll learn something but probably not

  4. Ah, yeah the "I'm going to teach you something" condescension while not addressing any of what I said argument lol. Forgot I was on reddit for a second.

  5. Metal fans are really chill and cool, man. Had many a drink and convo over the years at random places before a concert. Don't know anything about the venue and what's near it, but if there is any bar nearby and you see someone in a metal shirt and just say what you are saying in here, you will be taken in like a brother. Good luck my man 🤘

  6. Update me how it went when you go, if you don't mind of course. Hope you have fun.

  7. I could have been an happy boomer but life has chosen to give me birth in the era of the end of the world. Everyone is warning everyone about shit hitting the fan soon but everyday I see 100000 fat asses in their car and not doing anything to improve. At this point I hope a 100x powered covid 19 raises again so we get a new lockdown of everything

  8. Shame on Nancy, Raven, Alexa, and Brennan for hanging up on him. No respect for any of those people who blindly supported the manipulative, gaslighting. You the man Cole!

  9. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s the man. Both partners sucked. Neither was great.

  10. Lol seriously these comments are ridiculous. I understand the push back against Bartise's pro chouce stance bc its such a huge, polarizing issue. But like why are some of these people so offended and mad about someone praying or mentioning their faith???

  11. I’m glad you know how to listen to music. Thanks for watching! 🤘

  12. Have you seen episode 3? I think it could be the most solvable case UM has produced in three volumes.

  13. While I'm glad this case got exposure, not really a mystery who did it, hope they catch her. I wish they would go back to the old school hour long episodes with 15-20 minute segments. More mysteries, more cases getting exposure.

  14. Kreese is a great character. But all throughout the series he's done nothing but manipulate people. I think we want him to be redeemable, but I don't think it's possible at this point.

  15. Despite what he did he didn't deserve to be framed. :1771:

  16. Season 1 I still think is the best season. But the 4 other seasons are still really fucking good. Season 5 was the best since the 1st season.

  17. The chip was in another guy's possession that vaguely looked and dressed like Spike. He and Spike bumped into each other and both dropped a chip. The guy ended up with Spike's and Spike ended up with his. Spike was never supposed to have the chip

  18. Eh, I think they are pretty fun. Make you hyper aware of your surroundings. I did get a kick out of my buddy playing NMS for the first time, dude probably got stuck 100 times and died 30 times lol.

  19. Agreed. People want to hate on it for existing, but it honestly wasn't half as bad as people made it out to be.

  20. Can y'all stop saying the anime fans wanted a shot for shot remake of the anime already. Almost none of us wanted or expected that.

  21. If your response to someone saying "it wasn't like the anime" is to assume they wanted a 1:1 comparison, that's exactly what you are saying lol.

  22. Moon master cancel and idk how it’s an exploit I don’t think it is

  23. It's like a borderline expoit that would be fine if it did less stagger damage

  24. My understanding of an exploit is to use an intented mechanic in a manner not intended by the game creators. So I think MMC fits that, but idk, I could be wrong. I'm not against it because it takes practice and precision to master and most modes are a team effort so it only serves us all to use it.

  25. I said arguably didn’t I? Also they just had my favorites and I just think they are all really good

  26. It's all good man. It's all preference at the end of the day and it's all just fucking amazing music.

  27. still life does have amazing riffs but personally prefer watershed even though i like still life more overall

  28. Choosing the best riffs from MAYH through Watershed is like trying to find the right Waldo in a sea of Waldos lol

  29. Pretty early if the show has an early access VIP ticket. The center will more than likely be taken up, but you may be able to catch a one of the sides. Would say 1-1.5 hours before doors open to be safe.

  30. Couldn't see any options for VIP, only general

  31. Ok cool. Yeah I would say probably still get there pretty early if you want a good front row spot. And have a strong bladder lol

  32. He plays the alternating China hits during the outro, which Axe never did. Hell yeah

  33. I wondered why Axe never did it. It makes that section trickier, but nowhere near as difficult as 90% of what Axe could do on the drums lol.

  34. Saw them in Houston end of February. Got so lit in the pit for Lotus Eater. Unforgettable.

  35. Day 1 as well. Just got done playing a regular plat for the hell of it, was still so fun lol.

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