My wife got my fav band, All Hail Hyena, to play a surprise private gig in my garden for our 10yr anniversary. Here's my reaction. (OC)

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  1. -also you have to understand that ones that are still wearable now would have been taken off and left there..and that no one else wanted to retreive and wear...which means they were likely soiled pretty good.

  2. Hold up. Why were miners pooping their pants?

  3. Anyone know where the planned bike/pedestrian bridge over the Fox in Aurora they mentioned is going?

  4. About 37,000 brand new washing machines.

  5. If that's right, for every 15 Kalibr missiles launched, Russia could have supplied 1% of its households with a brand new washing machine.

  6. I only mentioned during the Rittenhouse trial that the level of whiteness could only increase if the prosecution brought up ranch dressing or cousin fucking. Some people are overly sensitive.

  7. They need to make it law to change thermostats to be less than 40 years old. Doesn't need to be fancy but ones with schedules are dirt cheap. It would help with energy conservation.

  8. I took the cover off my thermostat in my 120+ year old apt in wicker park. I was greeted by a glass vial of mercury.


  10. That’s the one! I had the same (failed) experience with the c-wire.

  11. Emptied by TSA employees once their shift is over.

  12. The million dollars was probably to pay attorneys to sue everyone else involved.

  13. 3% hardly covers credit card processing fees. Who cares?

  14. The food is already marketed up. The prices have been raised because of inflation. The 3% clearly goes to the house, not the worker.

  15. Also, didn’t notice this explanation until I got home. Obviously my fault but it still feels like I got hustled a bit.

  16. I’m saying that we had far less overall knowledge about its effects and how it interacted with different variables and conditions in March 2020 than in subsequent months, when we had more data and of course the advent of effective vaccines.

  17. The initial wave and subsequent delta variant were nasty. Omicron was actually a godsend. While it was much more transmissible, it was much less deadly.

  18. Cause it's just plastic, which just breaks down into micro plastic. We need to stop using so much plastic. You cannot recycle carbon fibre. Go back to canvas. Sailing should be who can win whilst being the most sustainable, not the most wasteful.

  19. Have you been on a boat lately? The whole thing is fiber glass, carbon fiber, plastic, and resin.

  20. It's not inexpensive, but the one thing I regret not buying on my trip to Japan was a Kagami crystal whiskey glass. Kagami crystal is freaking gorgeous and damn near impossible to get outside of Japan.

  21. This sounds awesome! My only concern, however, is the companies that are getting in on the project, like AEP. I want solar energy to get us out from under the thumb of these predatory electric companies that have carved out their own little fiefdoms across the U.S., charging us whatever they damn well please while making bill disputes as difficult as possible. I'd rather the electric companies be nationalized, because essential services should never be in private hands and at the whims of shareholders chasing ever higher profits.

  22. So you can argue about them instead of this? Tell us why electricity shouldn't be an essential service or move along.

  23. Because OP says that “essential services” should never be privatized and I would argue that government run services sound terrifying. The private sector does a better job at delivering goods and services than the government.

  24. Wasn't she there for the Rudy Giuliani fart?

  25. I believe she is the one who was fart upon.

  26. Since ERCOT was created in 1970, the total number of rolling blackouts ordered for the Texas grid during the summer is ... zero.

  27. In exceptional heat, with electricity demand 7% higher than the state has ever experienced before, the grid operator did what? They requested voluntary conservation and said that no rolling blackouts are expected. They then got through the high demand period without any rolling blackouts. That's hardly a failure.

  28. You have to realize that your are moving the goal posts, right?

  29. They should just swallow their goddamn pride and buy Western vaccines.

  30. Something. Something… Elephant tusks give you boners.

  31. Yeah, this is going to get really bad. Germany's COVID casualty rate in China would be 1,300,000 and the United States COVID casualty rate would be 3,500,000. That's how bad it's going to be.

  32. Vaccines exist now. Treatments exists now. China needs to lean into these and they should fare better.

  33. You definitely wouldn't love the smell. It's horrible.

  34. 5 months after the above comment was made I came across this video and checked on Spotify.

  35. Their most popular track (Stranger’s Song) has 145k listens.

  36. True, I am a young person and the GOP has lost me forever. And there’s a lot of people in my age group who will never under any circumstances vote for a Republican, ever. If they think it’s painful for the youth to be +28 D they need to strap in for when we vote in higher numbers each year.

  37. For me, it was January 6. I used to split my ticket but none of my GOP politicians denounced it. I will never vote for a Republican unless they denounced the insurrection immediately, clearly, and for all to hear.

  38. All my money that is for investing is already invested so I don't have $6,500 sitting around. I just do it monthly, unfortunately the number isn't as pretty this year as $6,000/12 was last year. Definitely makes sense though if you get a year end bonus/windfall.

  39. I’m taking my losses at the end end of 2022 to max my 2023 Roth.

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