1. Ramen with lots of ingredients is pretty mainstream if you eat ramen at a restaurant

  2. To be fair this sub has no standards anymore. The most basic of area graphs and line charts comparing country metrics on a single dimension are always topping this sub.

  3. Is it possible that Jimmy is sabotaging us because we wanted to move on from him?

  4. He can’t get paid if he purposely sucks

  5. You really think Jimmy G doesn’t get criticized? Delusional

  6. Service industry ain’t it for OP

  7. I’m about to get a pic from a Yelp page of a Michelin star restaurant in Italy lauded for its traditional style and post it on

  8. Please don't do that, it will just get removed.

  9. Lol I got banned. Thanks for checking on me hahahhaha

  10. I very recently shared a post here about people flipping a bitch over A1 on a steak, and the general consensus seemed to be that a lot of people hold the (misinformed) belief that sauce on a steak immediately dampens the flavor of the steak and you can only taste the sauce, which is I guess disrespectful to the cow, the farmer who sent it to slaughter, the butcher who carved its carcass to pieces, and the chef who put said carcass chunks on a fire, as if any of those people and/or animals actually care if you dip your steak in a sauce or not.

  11. It’s honestly so ridiculous how people consider certain foods to be sacred and others to be palettes for creativity

  12. I have a theory. Saucing meat heavily is a pretty old concept in food. Very fashionable in Europe even as early as the middle ages. And most of those sauces are really intense. Brandy, peppercorn, cream, heavy spices, port wine, blue cheese. Back then, the possibility that your roast may not be that fresh was pretty high, and meat tasted gamier anyway so it could handle the sauce. It wasnt judt about complimenting the flavor, but masking any funk.

  13. Lol tell the snobs that it’s an American thing and they’ll get on board with sauce.

  14. Lol this is very solid IAVC content:

  15. Steak. It’s always under/overdone, not enough crust, sauce complaints, not enough veg on the side. Nitpicking and “suggestions” are abundant in steak posts.

  16. It runs like shit tho and requires about £600 of work to get it back to running smooth. The cars not worth that.

  17. That’s fair.. but new and used market is wild so unless you’re prepared to replace it at a premium price I would probably just maintain the damn car.

  18. What a snoozer of a viz. this data has been presented hundreds of times.

  19. Big brain over here using a bowl

  20. Really funny if Jimmy wins them a Superbowl and Lance is eventually traded for a fraction of what it cost to land him.

  21. Who wouldn’t trade couple high picks for an SB win tho

  22. I love Baldy for his passion for the game and how excited he gets for players; for his refusal to upgrade his camera work, continuously using what I hope is a camcorder he bought from RadioShack 20 years ago; and finally because of how often he ends videos in the middle of a word.

  23. He does segments with more production value but this type of ad hoc stuff seems like something he can easily do at home without any help or special software. This means more content and I’m not mad at it. The way he can simply pan his camera phone and easily zoom into details for the audience is a lot harder to accomplish with “real” production tools.

  24. 2005 Chateau Brillette. Never had an old Bordeaux until dude at K&L recommended that I be initiated.

  25. He said America, as in the USA, and not ‘the America’s’

  26. Lol a bunch of nerds acting like “America” isn’t universally understood as the US. “Technically correct” reigns supreme on reddit.

  27. 7 fantasy points in week 2 lmaooo

  28. Food Reddit is a weird place where new ideas and fusion cuisine is overwhelmed by pedantry and a narrow view on “tradition”

  29. I remember feeling numb and dumbfounded when Trey was hurt on the field, but damn the energy at Levi’s was damn near disrespectful because people were cheering hard for Jimmy as Trey got carted off. Ngl I was stoked for Jimmy too but it was an emotionally confusing day to say the least.

  30. I like to Uber in and the bus/light rail out. It’s such a shit show after the game that it’s pretty tough to ride share out of the area and you’ll have to walk a mile just to have access to a super expensive Uber. From SF I would probably cal train + bus/Uber whatever to get in.

  31. Its not the fact he was drinking water he was sacked it was the fact the guy did it in the front of house instead of going to the kitchen

  32. Doesn’t matter. Imagine being fired for drinking water. Feedback or even a warning is way more reasonable, if even that.

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