1. You can usually purchase ADP from the Lenovo Vantage app and send it in 30 days after

  2. Magical Index; Not because of the performances, it is just such a boring show it actually helps me fall asleep.

  3. I could probably fall asleep to railgun easier than index with all the "misaka misaka" stuff. Monica Rial would be tough for me to sleep to

  4. Whoa that was a pretty recently built CVS. Is must’ve really flopped quickly,

  5. CVS has downsized in the LA area big time because of the crime wave.

  6. It would be nice to not have to look up when AD is playing in the background

  7. Toslink (optical) has much lower bandwidth than HDMI and cannot handle many formats. The optimal configuration is pure HDMI running shield -> receiver -> TV, with shield -> TV -> receiver via eARC as the runner-up configuration

  8. It could, but it is a hybrid hardware/software encoder for h265. 7th gen is full hardware

  9. Mavens build of Kodi (kodinerds) supports DV, so yes, it handles everything you want

  10. I'd wish to bring my wife and son with me, i'd wish natsumi was always big, I'd wish there was no fighting, and my harem would be my wife, origami, miku, big natsumi, and kurumi. The story would end by me dying the happiest man alive

  11. Born too late to own property. Born just to early to be a tiktok star. At least we got to witness the fentanyl epidemic

  12. But it’s pronounced like jipped. So it sounds exactly like gypsy. I can’t find one reference to cowboys or gee-up’d anywhere.

  13. According to that gee-up means “to encourage somebody to work harder, perform better, etc.” or “to make a horse walk”

  14. you are playing semantics now. oxford, the oldest english dictionary, suggests that it is from "gee-up." Merriam-Webster on the other hand changed the very definition of "vaccine" last year.

  15. I think I broke my T25 (T470) screen through tensile force by holding it and a cooling pad with one hand while it had a 61+ battery attached. My Thinkpad 13 broke after carrying it around in a backpack. My T480 is still good. I've been storing it on it's side and not tossing it around too much

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