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  1. I’ve been letting him off the hook for so long I don’t even know where to draw the line anymore. But I agree, I definitely need to set up some more boundaries and set some things into motion to show him what I need. Hopefully he can change because before baby/pregnancy/house our relationship was awesome. Now I feel like I’ve “grown up” and he’s still just the same kid he was.

  2. Everything this person said is insightful & great advice. I hope you take it to heart! <3

  3. I never said you were full of shit. & I read the article - not convinced.

  4. You know what, imma go ahead and give myself credit for that too. I need a boost anyway

  5. Hey. You did a great job today not accusing your neighbors of stealing children. I’m proud of you, keep it up.

  6. If you are living on that 1200 I’d advise you to job hunt

  7. Whoever is living successfully on $1,200 - I’d like to understand how. Those are pointers I could use.

  8. Bruh I saw this shit on Facebook back in 2012. You're so outdated.

  9. Sounds so much more refined than some of the shit people say nowadays

  10. so just a breathing dick straw i guess

  11. I hate taking shits. Taking shits is the worst function of the human organism after sex. You have to sit on the most uncomfortable seat ever, then you have to go through so much pain to push the shit out of your asshole (not to mention sometimes they get stuck in there). And as if those weren't enough then you have to wipe, you have to take your hand along with toilet paper and shove it up your asshole, this process can sometimes take minutes out of your life, it fucking sucks.

  12. Sounds crazy, but it was somewhat of a psychic dream & it changed the course of my life. Biggest dream I ever had. Back in 2011. I’ll never forget it. Pretty cool how striking your painting was to me, brought parts of it back to me all over again.

  13. Actually, my app does that! You have to enable Snyder notation in the settings and then it will fill all Snyder candidates when you tap the “Add candidates” button during a puzzle solve. It’s not free, but has a free trial:

  14. I saw your post earlier on pro revenge. That’s bullshit it got removed. Multiple people getting fired & a $50k fine is a whole lot more than petty. Whoever whined & complained about your post is a little bitch!

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