1. My brother is in game programming (I’m in Computer science). So far I would say he is satisfied with everything. 3 weeks is not enough to truly rate a program but having access to the labs 24/7 is really nice. From what i have heard, the labs have ps3, ps4, x one, x360, wii u. You have to choose between game programming and game design. They have different courses and depending on which aspect of game dev u like u can go either way.

  2. That sounds awesome and thank you so much. Would you mind telling me what range of average did you brother get in grade 12?

  3. His average was actually high (89) but he wanted to come to brock with me and therefore turndown U of T and waterloo because he couldn’t study computer science in them and didn’t want to study something else (waterloo offered him mathematics as an alternative to computer science).

  4. Wdym, I don’t think there’s mid term marks for second semester tho, isn’t it mid term mark and final marks

  5. I would say aim for a mid 90 to be safe. Cs for uni’s is a lot more competitive then people presume for just aim for rlly high marks.

  6. Hard to get 90 > easy to get 98 most of the time

  7. Just beware of high marks that are too easy to get, especially some private schools… Unless you really need to, try to get good grades in public schools.

  8. I just give up studying English hard. Within the same amount of time, study for other subjects instead of English can reward more. I might get a 98 on a math test but only 70+ on English.

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