1. Omg, they’ve finally run out of women to harass and now they’re trying to manipulate their own into becoming new women they can harass 😂

  2. Had a similar experience lately. My kiddo was recorded being sexually harassed by a classmate and his friend. I didn’t know until the school called me. The school called me because a concerned parent had seen this video (no faces just audio) and called in worried about the girl in the video. In a matter of a couple of hours they figured out it was my daughter and took steps to quash it. There were interviews with other kids and the boy in question isn’t attending that school anymore. She had a week off, and was reluctant to go back (as you would be) so they called us in for a meeting and honestly, they offered her half days, just mornings, whatever she needed to feel comfortable going back to school and supported while she was there. They hooked her up with the school therapist and I know there’s a handful of teachers who keep an eye on her.

  3. Saw a fella standing outside an Elvery’s earlier with a microphone and speaker, talking about how much god loves all his christians. Literally across the road from a church of another faith, which just struck me as in bad taste as well as nuts.

  4. iirc, it’s a myth that cats are afraid of water; they just don’t like being cold.

  5. I don’t judge people based on whether or not they work/have kids/are married.

  6. I would not feel comfortable attending this class again. Whatever the reasons for the altercation, I would expect better behavior from my trainer’s animals. How many puppies does this trainer see in a day? How often does this dog break the skin of puppies?

  7. Ay it's my birthday too! Cheers 🍻

  8. Congrats on making another trip around the sun! Smoke up and have a happy birthday!

  9. A&E… 3 days before they remembered I existed, and had to rush me to surgery.

  10. It's the squeeky wheel that gets the grease, you have to learn to squeek louder in future.

  11. Unfortunately I was a bit incapacitated at the time… morphine is a helluva drug.

  12. Less than 10 minutes pushing for me, but my labors were long and I got stuck each time at 2cm, meaning they hooked me up to oxytocin.

  13. This might seem like a weird question but… where in your cycle were you?

  14. No he knows what he wants - he wants exactly what you said - a mindless automaton. Which is why he needs to just invest in a sex robot (are those made yet?) or doll and leave human women out of it.

  15. Just wait until the fembots get sick of their shit too lol

  16. Actually there is a video about a man who tried a very expensive sex bot who speaks. She wasn't very enthusiastic and it got him mad

  17. She deadass looks me in my eye and whines, pauses to see my reaction, locks eyes with me again and whines again.

  18. Sorry you had such a shitty moment, and so glad someone was there for you. The kindness of strangers.

  19. Looks like a pimple. My boy gets them sometimes, even in that exact spot. I’d only be concerned if it doesn’t shrink/go away after a week.

  20. Aha what a cutie with that lil “huh? What’s goin on?” expression. Mine does that too. And the head tilt to top it off lol

  21. Nah this definitely belongs here. I could definitely see some ultra super wealthy stoner taking 500mg and suddenly deciding the only way to save the earth is to start legally signing its ownership back onto itself.

  22. My stoned ass did too, even though I’ve read it before. It just gives me good vibes. I love that Son of The Tree That Owns Itself exists.

  23. I’d love to wear one tampon a day and sit on him. Hey, one is enough, right? No need for him to worry about it.

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