1. I have kind of similar stats lmk how it goes bro, I’m rooting for you!

  2. i love skateboarding but i can’t risk any hand or wrist injuries as i am a musician

  3. i mean my teacher is like 5'1 and she plays an 17 inch viola

  4. everything is handmade. try making to trucks or wheels that rival flat face and dynamic in quality come back

  5. Umm, Operators aren’t allowed to in their Operator Agreement. No televisions in the dining room. It’s right there along with no charging for sauces or water - it’s what makes Chick-fil-A special, let people focus on each other, not screens in the dining room. Yes I know, we all have screens now but this rule was put in place by Truett Cathy and we’re supposed to honor it.

  6. you might want to ask the headphone/audio guys to see if they have some sort of source for you to look.

  7. idk personally my parents are 10 years and they’ve never made it weird or anything but that’s just me

  8. Have you tried the p-rep blank 34mm yet? The have a much different concave than the graphics decks they do, in my opinion the blank p-rep is in my top 3 along with blackriver 7 ply and flatface g15

  9. bro can you send a link of which deck you’re talking ab in specific i wanna make sure i get the right one

  10. They're basic wholesale trucks. Not even good wholesale trucks either, China's been stepping up their truck game recently.

  11. i tell people enough that i have a homeowners insurance policy on it

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