Just driving back from my morning jog, minding my own business and then suddenly, Florida man

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  1. So you're going to defend Bloom's shit business practices because one guy made an angry post? Bloom needs to get their shit together. No other places have wait times like they do. There's some sort of problem and they need to fix it

  2. I’ve waited just as long if not longer at Columbia care and sunny side. But once I learned when to go and when not to, I’ve not waited longer then 5 minutes to go back at bloom. And if I went on a weekend during a sale, I definitely wouldn’t expect for it to go fast lmao I feel like the only thing they could improve is making two separate lines for online orders and non online orders

  3. It’s 30% off at bloom in seven mile today. I went yesterday and saw they had tons of buckeye relief stuff in

  4. Why is his credit bad? Missed payments? Everyone’s so quick to judge this guy with such little info. I had bad credit because of many medical bills that I couldn’t help, and even tho I’ve been working since I was 16, paying all those off are hard.

  5. Aw I guess a man must’ve hurt you huh, let’s just blame the rest while we’re at it!

  6. The budtender said that there was like two different people doing the ordering and they ordered too much of certain things so that’s why they were selling it for such a good price.. I couldn’t believe it at first. I asked her what’s the catch? And she was like there’s no catch. Lol I thought for sure it was gonna be some stuff that was expired or about to expire. But it’s good until September.

  7. Dabs can last for a long time if stored in a fridge so I wouldn’t necessarily skip over the wax that’s about to “expire”. Bud on the other hand will dry out. So if some dabs are on sale because the expiration date, I’d still get it

  8. Go to Michigan then or just don’t go to sunny side. I understand when they mess someone’s days up or something along those lines but when you can look at the product before you buy it, then that really is on you. Also go to one that doesn’t make you wait outside like damn that’s not the only dispensary in Ohio and if you’re willing to drive to Michigan, go someone other then sunny side. This sub is just turning into a place to whine and complain about how it’s not exactly how everybody expects it to be

  9. Not true. They have all the power, asshole driving or not. Have a nice car, get pulled over, your eyes are bloodshot, (im jealous of your hot gf) you failed the field sobriety test because i said so. take it to court. spend 1000s maybe get innocent with good lawyer but $$ for trial.

  10. It’s funny how stupid he looks freaking out and everyone around him is calm and just trying to talk to him

  11. I have a BE live resin mac n cheese and also a BE layer cake luster pod. They are way more rough on my throat than flower and they taste the same as any oil cart/luster does to me.

  12. It’s hot vapor going into your throat and lungs of course it’s gonna hurt. That’s also a concentrated form of thc so if you’re expecting it to not burn your throat even a little then idk what to say. Might as well just eat edibles if you don’t want the burn

  13. What because it doesn’t last as long as edibles? Inhaling anything like that is bad for your lungs. Unless edibles messes up your liver or digestive system I don’t understand how it’s worse then smoking

  14. No, other prescriptions are for tramadol and Vicodin. I guess the State wants me to stay on these pain pills.

  15. You mix tramadol, Vicodin, and weed???? How are you even functioning

  16. Having a card really only protects you transporting it, assuming you kept the sticker they put on saying it’s yours, and even then cops will do whatever they want. Driving under the influence is illegal no matter what. They’d probably take your stash if you have any, make you do sobriety tests to see if you are able to drive, and still probably charge you. Idk if they’d arrest you, but definitely a ticket

  17. How do you open it, can't get the top off mine

  18. Squeeze and twist. It is really hard, once I got mine off I put it in a different container. Maybe squeeze, push down, and twist at the same time.

  19. Is it possible to smoke moon rocks without having flower available

  20. Yeah smoke it just like you would with flower. In a bowl or bong

  21. I only buy luster pods if they’re on sale so If it’s on sale I’d get it. I’ve had cure Ohio luster pods before and they were just as good as the other non live resin luster pods. I haven’t had midnight moonlight tho so I can’t speak for that specific strain

  22. Thanks man. I’m going to go ahead and get it bc it’s on sale, I’ll lyk how I like!

  23. I never met my dad, and one day when I was about 8, while I was riding my sick new green mountain bike I won from my towns Easter egg hunt, I nutted myself on the middle bar as I was not tall enough to reach the ground. How I wished I had a dad to look at my nuts instead of my mom to make sure I was ok.

  24. Dang a half is only 116$. Idk how many they got but whoever gets that is lucky

  25. I’m pretty sure I got a seed from budino as well so maybe it’s budino

  26. I just want yall to know that you're awesome! I'm a brand newbie to dabs. Matter of fact, I've only taken my meds twice that way and it was with a home set up. I'm looking for a "pen" type device for on the go. Prefer one that "collects". I've read your suggestions and opinions. Going to do some reasearch. Let yall know what I end up with.

  27. Lookah seahorse pro. Please check this one out. There’s ceramic or quartz tips that cost like 5$ at a smoke shop. Battery lasts awhile and it’s not hard to keep clean. I’ve never seen it above 40$ at smoke shops so it’s more then affordable

  28. Don’t get the moon rocks from revel it’s a massive let down. I have a post with a picture. It’s just way to expensive for how little you get

  29. That’s the only thing I show. I took the downloaded pic and keep it in my notes on my phone. It’s easy to zoom and make the bar scan easier to access.

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