1. Got the 22 ml bottle for 150 from nykaa, to try it out. First thing that i absolutely disliked was the burst of alcohol smell. Used it for 2 weeks, did nothing instead dried out my skin and worsened the texture. Stopped using it and my skin became normal. So i would stay away from the toner!

  2. Hey, it's not your fault. It's a classic narcissistic trait. You're not the problem, you never were. And please know that it isn't your fault that you apparently ruin her "perfect" World, but you should consider kicking her out of yours as soon as you can because we're all free humans born with one life and body to ourselves, no one is lesser than anyone in any shape or form. You got this sweetie, block out the noise and focus on protecting, healing and growing yourself

  3. Also, our dear UMI DA - "Annie should just keep being Annie" 🤓 What the fuckkkk...What the fucking Fuckkk

  4. Freezing Annie in the crystal was a dumb idea that went nowhere. This scene might have made sense if she had done something like surrender peacefully when she realized the Survey Corps had set a trap for her in Stoehoss. She would make a deal with Erwin where she would give him everything he knew about the world outside the walls in exchange for amnesty.

  5. The one product that changed my skin care game is tret . Check my before after. Hi I have just started posting about my skin care and after having bad skin for years and trying almost everything under the sun from creams, serums, prps, I have discovered a very simple routine .. skin care doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You need to protect your skin barrier. Do not use too many actives and ofcourse you should be aware of what to mix and what not to. So many skin care brand in India I see have mixed contradicting products which is extremely harmful actually. You can check out my skin before and after !

  6. Hey those results are awesome! Can u give me the specifications on how did u use tret, like the routine, layering, how often in a week and what concentration should one start with? And could you also state if it's safe to use on a broken moisture barrier since it's a form of retin-A?

  7. Thank you.. Don’t worry about skin barrier if you follow a good routine .. Infact my skin barrier has improved ever since a started with tret. Like my skin was the most sensitive . Would break out even with cold water! Teenage pimple problems and over use of betnovate ruined it even more .. it was a journey since. However I have been following a routine over the last 2 years and my skin transformed like magic .. have helped a lot of my friends too. If you want to start with tret first of all you need to be patient. It takes time for result to show . And more is not always better . You will have to start with minimum strength .025%. Make sure you are using a cream base with no paraben as gel will dry you up. The tret I am using is not available in India but I heard it will soon be here Will share it with you once it does. Meanwhile you can use the one available. Start with tret only one night a week at night Don’t exfoliate Don’t use aha BHAs or any exfoliating acids While using tret . Sunscreen is must. 50+++ else you will do more harm than good. If you have pimples or acne you might get lil purging which is normal. Use a good ph balancing toner, hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera gel, and after 10 min tret, followed by a thick moisturiser. Morning replace the tret with vitamin c serum and apply sunscreen after. You can start first and I will guide you on other things you can include in your skin care. Super excited for you! All the best !

  8. I think Freckles Ymir was a fucking idiot because she literally sacrificed herself to save the dudes who were 100% going to come back to attack the walls again, putting Historia in danger once more by default

  9. Ngl i always thought she did that because she thought that sacrificing herself would somehow keep boruto and reiner away from hisu as compensation + she trusted erens coordinate ability to protect her but when isayama said that she herself didn't know the reason for choosing warriors over hisu I lost my shit

  10. Its hard to look at this and not sob over the lack of world building

  11. Damn ur comment just made me realise how east and west are marked wrong once u notice where they marked north

  12. No way 80% of humanity kicked the bucket when the Founding Incel and his army of Bertolts barely crossed Madagascar into Central Africa 🤡

  13. I liked how he decided to turn the entirety of Asia into india /aidni and nerfed South America into hizuru

  14. Cringe. This was so random and out of nowhere. This chapter was written by a 13 y/o ao3 fanfic writer.

  15. Literal example of what happens when you force a veteran of a field into a completely unrelated position. Like there was no reason erwin picked her to be his successor while she was making groundbreaking inventions and disciveries as a scientist when he already acknowledged armong during the rts arc

  16. The chaddest, based af response. Would give u an award if I could

  17. Tbh, while it was very captivating, season 1 to 3 were always a good but not groundbreaking series to me. Idk why people are so obsessed with it.

  18. Imo s3-s4p1 was the show's peak but everything turned into cringe from that point on

  19. write my own, also take supplements i think they are more effective then subs

  20. I mean I was 5 4 since 16 to 20 then I used subs

  21. I mean your ending is better than the actual one. Survey Corpse never succeeded and Marley got the founding Titan which they can't use because Marleyans never know about Historia being a royal blood. The outside world defeated Marley with anti- Titan tech and Marleyans are hated just like the Eldians.

  22. Ok but can we all agree it’s Freckle Ymir who’s the best female character in aot?

  23. Don't remember a single female character in S4 being good, probably Hitch but with 10 minutes of screentime, and even pre time skip, literraly only 2 female characters carried the entire female cast

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