1. Hey all. I received an email from PayPal that ipsy refunded me. They didn't return the "handling fee" I've messaged them and no response. I should get that $2 back though right? Doesn't seem fair they'd get to keep it.

  2. I received a refund for the wakeheart duo debacle and when I saw they did not include tax and the handling fee in the refund I submitted a ticket requesting a refund for these as well. The CS agent was pleasant and promptly refunded the tax and handling fee...but it seems like you might just have to ask for it. Kind of silly IMO.

  3. my perfume duo is still on it's way but I received the email that Ipsy would issue me a refund. They sent the refund shortly after I received the email but only for $14. I messaged them (submitted a ticket via the bot) and a rep just contacted me apologizing and said they will refund the tax and handling fee as well. This duo was the only item I purchased from the flash sales

  4. The exact same thing happened to me! It took 3 calls to finally get my refund. They claimed there was an error with the new system but they sent me an email when the refund was finally issued (for real this time). I also received emails previously that stated my refund was on the way but my bank confirmed the earlier refunds were not pending or sent. 3rd time's a charm!

  5. Thanks! I’ll order some to try. I just developed eczema this past winter so I’m still figuring it all out.

  6. I use the Skin Food body butter by Weleda and that keeps the dryness at bay. But when I'm feeling itchy, like

  7. I bought this from Ulta and it didn't help at all with knee pain but it did help soothe the eczema I have on my legs. It's been discontinued so I started using a different body butter for eczema. I also wasn't a fan of the peppermint oil that's on this product

  8. mine was wrapped in a thin bubble wrap and was put in the pink padded ipsy mailer. It arrived unbroken although it definitely leaked a little since the cap and bubble wrap were still wet when I opened it.

  9. $18 each. I'm still waiting for the 2 I ordered to arrive!

  10. My favorite hair towels ever I get from the Maxx they are usually about $4-$6 and they are such amazing quality! I believe the brand is sleek

  11. I get those sleek ones from TJ Maxx also! They're great!

  12. If you signed up in late April then you'll get the April and May boxes. I always find calling them is the best way to cancel. Also they often will give you a special offer just to get you to stay.

  13. I signed up on May 1st in order to avoid getting both boxes, I thought that would be late enough but apparently it wasn’t. I will definitely call them next week.

  14. If you signed up in May 1 then you should have only received the May box. Definitely call... And ask for a refund. If you get the right rep, they'll probably refund you for the April box!

  15. I do think I was sent the Grow Long leave in before but maybe I actually had picked it up as an add on or something. Either way Im not mad. Its a great product and I will never be mad about a leave in(I use them daily) and this brand(one of my favs). The lip gloss looks like a perfect Spring/Summer shade. I use a lot of masks and everything from that brand Ive gotten has been fabulous. So good with that. I live by the beach and love trying new sunscreens. And of course my pick Im super excited for my pick...the green eyeliner. 1st 5/5 bag in awhile for me🥰

  16. hey bag twin!!! I also think this is a great bag this month. Can't complain! Can't wait to try that eye liner!

  17. I would contact them sooner rather than wait to find out. for the last GBX, I signed up a couple days before the end of the month and I was not able to choose until the 3rd (midday!). So annoying since they were out of some of the items I wanted! I contacted CS about it on the 2nd and they simply told me that choice is still open on the 3rd....but the selections will change as items sell out (including some of the add ons).

  18. The Dr Brandt toner should be available in add ONS

  19. offer is for the Body Serum only. This is the same luxury body oil featured in the May GBX.

  20. sames! Especially if it's a nice firming eye cream...I use those on my neck instead of around my eyes. I spent too many years neglecting my neck but the eye creams have definitely helped!

  21. With all the mess ups ipsy has done lately I figured it wasn't going to be the pro gold. Sorry it didn't work out for would've been awesome if it did!

  22. This is a stupid question but what is everyone talking about? Is this a beauty box? I’ve never heard of it but I have FOMO!

  23. Every other Friday New Beauty offers a "free" just pay the s/h fee ($10.95). They text you the link for the Free Gift Friday (usually at 10am PST). To sign up, just text the word BEAUTYPASS to 52705 and you'll be added to the list! They also have a few "add ons" that you can add to your FGF order. I've been loving some of the FGF items I've purchased recently. The focus is usually skincare items

  24. Me neither. I thought FGF was every other week. I got the vitabrid cleanser & toner last Friday so wasn't expecting anything today. And, I didn't get anything today 😕

  25. There was a special survey link that was sent out yesterday and if you filled it out they sent a link to today's extra FGF. You're right...normally it's every other Friday

  26. I also got this bag and I picked the Ouai. Pretty pleased with this bag and like others said..the liner is actually really good (doesn't smudge and lasts all day).

  27. I’ve been wanting that Yensa lipstick in Noble for a while. So I think I’m gonna redeem for that. What y’all gonna get?

  28. Awesome! I wanted the blue set and was hoping for the best when I placed the order. Thanks for posting!!

  29. Ok great thanks that makes sense. Think ill get it , this product doesn't come around often at all and I sure as hell wasn't paying $120 for it either

  30. so i got distracted in work and did not place the order, now went to place it and of course its sold out , just my luck

  31. Bummer. Well at least you still have some and I'm sure it will show up again in another sale

  32. Mine smells a little like Elmer's glue but then when I apply it there is no scent.

  33. Depending on the type of eye cream I use my excess tubes on my laugh lines and my neck. Actually, I've been using eye cream to firm up my neck for years!

  34. I've never tried the Refreshments deodorants. I'm also curious about this....

  35. Am I the only one who is excited to try the toner? It’s got great reviews.

  36. I've been wanting to try the toner for awhile now. I went ahead and bought a Fenty skincare bundle that includes the toner from Sephora since it's on sale for $35. The only other item I would be interested in is the lippie but not enough to spend $50 for just those 2 items

  37. Thank you for mentioning your dissatisfaction to Beautylish CS... I would hate too see supplements in future boxes. Sorry you ended up with them in yours. But on a different note... That Wayne Goss palette is great! Blends beautifully and I just it for day looks and also for smokey night looks.

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