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  1. It's been awhile since I subscribed to GBP and this bag did not disappoint! Pretty happy with my bag and I'm excited to try everything!

  2. I signed up for GBX before on the 1st and I was allowed to choose on the 2nd. Only downside was that some of the choices and add ons were already sold out by the time I was about to choose

  3. Only the 111skin edit and the advent calendars are still available. The glow recipe bundle is sold out

  4. I received my code in an email shortly (like 10 min) after I ordered the box. Try checking your spam folder?

  5. I just searched and there is no 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster that is 10ml, only 20ml, and it retails for $135, as does the 20ml Rose Gold Radiance Booster, also $135. The mask is a 5 pack and is $135, along with the ampoules set that is $135. The 10ml is a deluxe sample size, and that with the bag I would say totals that and I will be up just before 9am to get it as soon as it drops. I have tried all but the face masks and ampoules and still for $59.99 (when the price of 1 thing retails for $135!) and get it all for $59.99, SOLD lol, I can't wait! The Cryo ATP Sports Booster is my favorite serum and the 1 product I have repurchased the most since being a member for 3 1/2 years; the 3 phase is my 2nd favorite so I think this bag is totally worth it and want to try the masks and ampoules! I get compliments on my skin all the time so it works for me. This will be the first drop I purchase as well...I just hope it all comes since shipping & missing/expired products has been such an issue lately. They just refunded me over $60 for their mess-ups so that will pay for this bag! After, I may be taking a break and let them get rid of all this old back stock, I don't want 3 year old expired products! That is absolutely ridiculous, but know with the merge Ipsy gets Boxys old stuff and vice versa...and products I have gotten proved it!

  6. the 111skin Edit bundle is already available for purchase. I guess it dropped earlier than Ipsy said it would

  7. It’s because the value of 111skin is always drastically overinflated. Also Ipsy doesn’t even have the same product as what is sold on the 111skin site anyway. I had previously gotten the acne serum via a sale and loved it. I was of course then thrilled to see that Ipsy was going to have it in their plus box. When I got it though I discovered they were both made in completely different countries and had different ingredient listings. In addition the Ipsy version didn’t work nearly as well as my original one.

  8. that's unfortunate for the brand! I never understood why brands would want to showcase inferior products in one will ever want to go out and re-purchase them at stores!

  9. First one I've seen with that luna eyeshadow, you'll have to tell us if it's a good brand or not! Glad you like your bag :)

  10. it will be the first time trying out anything from this company. The shades are fun and I'm looking forward to using this. Will keep you updated!

  11. I can’t wait to try that serum! I got it too, and I love that brand of skincare!

  12. Same here!! I'm a big fan of the Goldfaden products!

  13. The Avant face wash is pretty good, especially if you have oily/combo skin. I just didn’t particularly want it because I had already got it in Boxy, but I’ll definitely use it and so will my husband since he refuses to buy his own (it was one of my Ipsy curated picks too).

  14. That's good to know. I do have combo skin and I've only received 1 Avant item (a sleep mask) before so I didn't know what to expect with the cleanser. the KVD blush is something I think will be fun. I don't think I have a blush in this shade. The bag is starting to grow on me and I'm happy now that I chose to get the GBP instead of add ons!

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I have and absolutely love that eye balm

  16. I'm excited for it. I love eye creams and balms and Algenist is a great brand

  17. I did not order this set but Ipsy has cancelled severall of my orders lately. They never tell me what was refunded unless I submit a ticket. Not sure why they continue to list things that are out of stock

  18. I didn't see anything new at first this morning. But after I closed and restarted the app like 3x new stuff appeared.

  19. I've been receiving multiple refunds lately for add ons, pop up orders and flash sale items that are supposedly out of stock BUT they are still showing up in the sale and not even listed as out of stock. Like in the pop up sale I ordered a bundle. They refunded me for 1 of the items in the bundle. I got a confirmation that my order shipped. But then received a refund for the entire bundle. And this whole time both the bundle and the individual item were still being offered in the sale. I asked CS if it was just a glitch and what would happen if I just tried ordering the bundle again and they told me I would just get refunded since the bundle isn't available. But no answer to why the bundle is remains listed as available?!

  20. I purchased this Purlisse duo in flash sale after almost getting it from the shop. Why not?? It was a much better deal!!

  21. I guess is out of stock in the Flash Sale, but yet it is still available to purchase it. Hmm.

  22. Who knows if it's available or they are trying to push the $20 price for it. I'm not buying it for $20. Then again... Every flash or pop up sale I've ordered from these past couple months I've had something refunded. And I have to ask CS each time what the refund is for since it's not stated on my order history or my shipment confirmation

  23. Since the couple have Mano Down t shirts on my guess is they have Down Syndrome and ended up adopting a baby...

  24. I don’t understand these items so far. Too Faced sweet peach was released in 2016. I don’t want a crusty 6 year old palette that was pulled from discount shelves of TJ Maxx.

  25. I purchased the palette on sale at Ulta a few years ago but apparently it's still in stock. Pretty shades but the really strong peach scent was unbearable so I rarely ever used it. I hope the palettes ipsy stocks in the GBX boxes are not from when it first was released!

  26. I love candles for choice. I pack small candles in my travel bag to burn in the hotel room bathrooms when I travel.

  27. they're perfect to pack when traveling with other people where you have to share a hotel bathroom

  28. The shades look very cute, but will they bring something new finally?! And not this old stock all the time ... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. This particular mini duo set was discontinued. They revamped the formula and came out with some new shades in different packaging a year later. There was first a limited edition set but now only 3 shades are available on the ND website.

  30. That's really awful, why would they keep selling that?! I made this post especially, because I read your comment on the other post on IPSY thread. I thought of buying this several times, good I didn't! Such shady practices they have. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. I don't like when I see discontinued items in subboxes... especially when there's been a change in formula. What if I like the item but then there's no way to purchase it.

  32. Under Account, select the bag you want to cancel. Then go to 'Manage Membership'. At the bottom you'll see a link 'Help me stop my membership'. Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom where it says 'Continue cancellation'.

  33. I purchased this mini set over 2 years ago when it was on sale for like $12 at Sephora. I immediately returned it since they were dried out and unusable then! I'm not certain about this but I think at the time I bought them they had already been discontinued.

  34. I just cancelled and now I'm getting flooded with reactivation offers. Only if you are on an annual can you not cancel until your annual membership is over. But you can pause with an actual membership... You just have to have CS do it. And then you're membership just extends for as many months that you paused.

  35. Email was sent from an official Ipsy email address, just like the emails that I receive everyday from ipsy. But when I click on the link it just takes me to the Create The Perfect Gift sale and I do not see this bundle listed anywhere.

  36. I dunno... Perhaps then I have a glitch on my site. I don't live in Canada but this bundle doesn't show up at all for me. Oh well... Wallet is happy 😁

  37. One of my favorites is the IBY Fireside pallette. I was meh when I first got it. But I love it, the formula works great for me and it's easy to put together interesting looks. I've hit 3 pans of it and that's rare for me bc I have an extreme pallette addiction. I would purchase again and I hardly ever say that about Ipsy provided makeup. That, Rare Beauty lippies, and Ofra anything are my 3 big finds from Ipsy.

  38. when I resubbed in September, they sent me my resub gift in a different shipment. so that might still be on its way

  39. I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m used to seeing Alibaba crap in boxes, I’m not used to seeing Wet n Wild. I’m wondering if someone thought she’d be cute and just swap my order for whatever Walmart junk she had in her pocket.

  40. at least it's a reputable cheap drugstore brand and not some alibaba item that you can't find anywhere!

  41. this is the best bag I've ever received from years of having an Ipsy subscription. The print doesn't really bother me...I sort of like it. But the bag is well made and holds a ton of stuff. I've had mine for a couple years and the zippers are still fully functional and I haven't seen any tears.

  42. I didn't but that was only because I couldn't find $18 of stuff I really want 😆

  43. Can anyone make an updated post of what’s available/prices in the Allure member store? It’d be super helpful!

  44. Here's what is currently being offered in the member shop

  45. Can anyone who’s a member tell me how much the SolaWave wand is in the member store is? Trying to decide if this deal is worth it for me.

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