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  1. Wow the attention for detail is extraordinary, just look at the saliva!

  2. Óia só man q Pais bonito só eh cagado mas de resto de boas

  3. I thought you made a crack in the achievements, idk like a exploit and such. But this is pretty cool too

  4. Wow spider man I see you're done webbing him up but why is your Web liquid wai---

  5. I'll get Spider-Man, but not Spider-Man and Spider-Man. Idk Spider-Man looks better tbh

  6. Very nice suit but I got ask though, those things in the arms gets in the way?

  7. Thank you for making my hardcore fan friend a bit mad (it's not sarcasm)

  8. MANS TO THE MANS THRONE! (this doesn't seem right but you get the intention)

  9. Nah he is spiderman too but he needs to do work now

  10. Oxi adm tá falando q só muié pode comer os subway?

  11. I like pointy because it's a classic and aged very well but the blocky one is so cool too

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