1. I’ve seen a lot of people saying to vote NO. But I want it to be recreational so I don’t have to pay to get a card.

  2. Nail techs are trying to make money. I get that. The more people that get done the more money you make. Anyone who’s worked in the service industry knows that.

  3. She wasn’t an undead creature though, she was alive and had a virus. But her baby was a monster because of it

  4. No, not his son or brother. They say that dumb shit tho. Just some bum that likes to beat up on women and couldn't hack it at the hospital he worked for, lived w/ Curtis before Kelsey was in the picture. still hasn't had his balls dropped yet; fucks these "women" while being a grown-up toddler. (ask Mallory and what's the other ones)??? I'm sure they don't want any association, but who cares? They f'n a dude that lives in a spare room of other peoples house, for how long now??? lol

  5. Well shit! I usually scroll past his stuff because he’s quite annoying. I had no idea and the beating up on women or really anything about him. I’ve just seen him on Kelsey and demps stuff. I think Demps is his new target. He’s trying to move to Nashville and move in with demps and her kid I bet from what I’ve just read and seen. 🤣 poor demps. I kinda feel bad for her. She doesn’t seem to be doing very well,🙃

  6. Damn, really? planning on moving to Nashville and in w/ Demps? WOW! Doesn't surprise me - at all. There was the first woman that came forward about his DV, then he claimed he was changing then did it again. He's gross.

  7. Because…other than violence, sex and gore, anything else before would be giving away plot points that are supposed to be unsettling when you get to that point in the story.

  8. 😂😂😂JFC it’s just a comment on Reddit ya didn’t have to write a book. All hail the horror kings and queens of Reddit!!!

  9. Fair enough, I tend to get long winded when trying to prove a point. (You should have seen all the other examples I wrote and deleted for brevity.)

  10. Just don’t comment that this episode needed a trigger warning because the kings and queens of this Reddit page will flip out 😂🙃🙂

  11. The husband was killed by his ex wife(gf? Lady friend?) and then he was in the aura (ghost portal) thing and came to kill his 2nd lady friend. Then when he turns to dust I assumed he got sent to hell because the Aura was just kind of like a weird purgatory.

  12. Dang I didn’t even catch the last name. I kinda thought it would be Edward mott or Edward mordrake some edward that would tie it back to another season like episode one. We all love a good tie in or Easter egg!

  13. This episode reminded me of A24 films like The VVitch, I actually really liked it. I like the way it looked (not the pustules) but like you know what I mean. 😂 I liked most of the acting, I think it was very well done. It’s probably my 2nd favorite so far. But it was very 🤮

  14. Trigger warning it’s disgusting and I’m not easily grossed out most of the time!

  15. So in Missouri you get a ticket depending on the amount. And you pay a pretty hefty fine. And get finger printed. I’m not sure about Kansas but since Kansas doesn’t have legal weed, then having a medical card doesn’t mean anything, sadly. I would contact a lawyer just to be safe before you go to your courtdate. This is why weed should be legal everywhere. People shouldn’t get in trouble for having medicine on them! Sorry this happened!

  16. I’d bet my entire existence it has at least something to do with it. Also rubbing me wrong that it’s so painfully obvious that Shannon is referring to possibly coming out as something that is her big life-changing thing as if it’s like the worst thing in the world her internal homophobia that she’s expressing all over the Internet and then queer baiting is rubbing me so wrong. I can’t imagine how it feels to be Anna. I just truly wish for her that she heals her inner child & realizes the world Will accept her & love her for who she is if she just stops with this damn charade for views

  17. I hope they aren’t leaving in KC. I know lazlo posted a couple weeks ago like listen to the show I have kids and shit.

  18. Lol I get it. I used to watch her videos but she’s starting to annoy me

  19. Lmfao. The jeans are horrendous but it's that lack of self confidence with the padded bra for me. She's got mosquito bites at best🤣🤣🤣

  20. I mean, Lee would be smart to link himself to her for 18 years. My guess is that she will continue to sling her vagine at the bargain price of $5 on OF, and sadly, pregnant content will sell. People can be pigs. Why not solidify his position will a little ill placed baby batter?

  21. Lee the lap dog changed her opinion on babies. Now she wants one. You know, like as accessory or something.

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