1. Yes I never wear dresses or skirts unless I'm out with my husband, I don't want that kind of attention when I'm alone in public! I hate the icky, creepy stares I get from men. I was okay with it in my 20s, I always looked cute when I went out, but in my 30s I absolutely hate it.

  2. Lol thank you, it’s a silly inside joke. I am actually not from Ohio neither is my family 😆

  3. As a retail employee, you should ask. Anybody who makes you feel weird for asking just plain sucks. I dont care if its a coupon, senior, or military, 10% off is 10% off and nobody with a real life and normal problems will actually care that you asked for a discount. Folks are like "oh i feel weird all i did was work at a job" so? Seniors just got old, and we still give THEM a discount.

  4. I work in retail… sometimes I give more than the 10% because I don’t think it’s enough and it’s almost embarrassing. 10% is nothing.

  5. Your knee tats are sick. I’d like to get some, but have a lot of extra skin on my knees, don’t think it would look right.

  6. OMG the guys who peel off bills one-by-one and throw them at you. Why did you do that !?

  7. He should’ve stopped after trugg walk. Everything since then has been a barely coherent, audibly garbled mess

  8. Yeah, I just watched the full thing and it was painful. But we all make mistakes, and I still have a lot of respect for him. At least he owned his shit, unlike Bappa.

  9. I haven’t had anyone say anything to me about y’all yet (I’m in the west coast), but I heard some people are offended by it? It literally means, “you all”. Found an article about how it’s racist somehow.

  10. Mine is just mostly chicken carcass and onions… but it’s still so much better than store bought.

  11. Cats are supposed to be declawed. If for no other reason than they destroy billions of birds a year globally

  12. Damn a bunch of y’all are using gel. Never tried this.. I’ve usually only done mousse.

  13. Always go shopping hungry! That way you’ll be guaranteed to pick up loads of snacks and won’t have to wish you had them during the week when you want them.

  14. If I don’t shop a little hungry I just barely buy anything lol. Then regret it when I realize I have no snacks.

  15. That's why I don't do roommates. I follow this sub just to remind myself. Especially fiends as roommates. Nowadays it seems almost impossible to find someone who isn't a drunk/junkie. It's either that or they're a religious cultist who won't shut the fuck up about Jesus.

  16. Same.. I’m putting myself through college and it would be smarter money wise for shared living… but I can’t.

  17. I've gone to therapy and it has helped, but the insomnia haunts me to this day.

  18. I was looking forward to trying but they sent me a shade for light skin with warm undertones. I am very cool.

  19. Yeah they should really add the option to choose warm or cool tones in the beauty quiz.

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