1. Heey, I decided to make a team with Kazuha, Xiangling, Fischl and Barbara instead of Kokomi, I'll focus on level up my team and their talents before I can unlock the next rank

  2. yeash, me too, steam servers are having issues, it's the 2nd time in last 7 days ig D:

  3. lol you’re in every post being the most unpleasant person to ever speak, what's your problem dude? go touch some grass

  4. I'm from Brazil too! I can't really play on a schedule because my work is pretty hectic some days, but if you're up to it, maybe we can play together some time.

  5. yass, so mandar mensagem, sempre tô invisivel por lá ~

  6. Yay, I don't believe that the urban dictionary definition is correct, there contrasting definitions and it doesn't make much sense. Like this one:

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