1. anyone used the blood bowl snotlings for stabbas?

  2. they can solve the cheater problem by sending a valve hit squad to every single person gaben finds using hacks

  3. pls tell us how he died and lived, we'd love to hear more about a true friend and sneaky git 🙏 😔

  4. forgive my cluelessness but i thought when people changed names they just changed their first name

  5. no experience with it but to me it looks like they knew exactly what people were gonna use it for

  6. i remember botw being my first zelda game and i expected the gerudos to be some kind of wacky monster race like the others and i was thinking "wtf they're just normal humans"

  7. I would say I main Glooomspite, though with work & pandemic it’s been difficult to get a game in. I collect many others but they are in boxes.

  8. yeah same, love gloomspite because i love night goblins

  9. Damn. Well, I’m just gonna imagine that the End Times were just some fever dream and that the world is ruled by the iron fist of the Empire. I like the lore far too much to have it all not exist, it’s like Horus heresy in 40k but without a future. Also, if the world got blown up, what the heck is age of sigmar then?

  10. age of sigmar is the sequel to fantasy, honeslty i still prefer fantasy lore and aos had a horrible launch, but it's good now

  11. "i don't even think about you at all"

  12. I think it's because some of us are still bitter that siege didn't end up the way we wanted it to be.

  13. me too, but to say that this community doesn’t even think about that game is wrong

  14. Agree to disagree, I believe it is. Its a persistent set back in human history.

  15. i don’t but i just wanted to share my personal opinion, not force my religion on anyone

  16. It's all good, I appreciate different view points. Thanks for not making this hostile.

  17. i play hochland bandits using a single box of state troops, with a couple of extra bits thrown in

  18. i wonder how much of those likes are people who thought that he was being genuine

  19. /uj so we, like, really went from making fun of misogynistic gamers to being misandrist?

  20. shit, we’re slowly turning into bizzaro versions of the gamers

  21. I'm the Joker and I just shot and permanently crippled the local commissioners daughter. AITA?

  22. Real shit if Sony had Insomniac make a Morbius game it'd probably actually be well-received. I dunno shit about Morbius, but after a brief looksie through his powers it sounds like they could do a pseudo-Arkham City with him to expand the Spider-Man/Wolverine universe even further.

  23. i read morbius comics before the movie and he's actually such a fun character, he really needs some new media to do him justice

  24. upvoted because smurfs (I LOVE SMURFS unironically i do)

  25. btw for number 3, warcry is not in fantasy, it takes place in the sequel age of sigmar

  26. Grab a civilian and take him/her as a hostage, giving you a only few seconds to make a decision.

  27. would be cool but it would also fuck over shotgun players (like me)

  28. Well there is a reason you have a squad

  29. i play exclusively solo because none of my friends like tactical shooters

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